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Miraculous Facial Oil

Do NOT Spend Money on Resolutions in 2019!

3 January, 2019 - 12:49pm by - First Lady | 18 Comments

by BR Natalie

Can you believe it's 2019?!  It's a cliche we hear all too often, but it's true - time flies.  And with that tick over from 2018 to 2019 came the usual...what am I going to resolve to do better this year?

At the age of 34, I think I've finally learned the trick to New Year's Resolutions.  Brace yourself, it's an eyeopener.

Don't make them too hard.

Told ya.  And also - don't make them dependent on finances.   I hate spending money on things my heart really isn't in to, don't you?  And as a reward for bettering yourself with free stuff, you can spend money on things you like.  

So here are my ideas for easy New Year's Resolutions that are also pretty much free!  Pick one, pick a couple and we'll meet here in a year's time to compare results.

Beauty.  Resolve to:

  • Spring-clean your makeup collection, if it's sat unused for the last year, or is really old, bin it.
  • Take off your makeup every single night.
  • Clean your makeup brushes once a week.
  • Shampoo your hair no more than every 2 to 3 days.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week.
  • Apply SPF every day - rain or shine.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.  Try those red lips you've always loved.

Health and Fitness.  Resolve to:

  • Get up-to-date on your lady WOFs - when did you last have a smear or a mammogram?
  • Apply SPF every day - rain or shine.  (Yes, we know we've listed it twice, but it's important!)
  • Move more.  It doesn't take an expensive gym membership, or a spare room full of the latest As Seen On TV exercise equipment to get healthy.  Opt to walk when you can or put on your favourite tunes and dance.  Just move more.
  • Drink 2 - 3 litres of water a day.

Lifestyle.  Resolve to:

  • Get a proper bra fitting.  
  • Only wear clothes that fit you, regardless of the number on the label.
  • Not buy any new DVDs, Books or Music until you've finished what's currently un-watched, un-read or un-heard in your collection.
  • Do more of what you love.  How many times over the last year have you said "I used to do [insert hobby here] all the time, but now I just don't have the time.  Make the time.
  • While we're talking about time - resolve to NOT feel guilty about how you choose to spend YOUR time.  Time is a gift - don't let anyone squander your time.

And my top free, and easy-ish New Year's Resolution for 2019 is:

Do something nice for someone you don't know.  Whether it's donating what you spring clean instead of flogging it for a tenner on Trade Me or buying a coffee for the person after you.  It doesn't take something huge to make a huge difference to someone else.  And just imagine how happy a world of people hopped up on free coffee would be...

If I get to this time next year as grateful for 2019 as I am for 2018, then  I'm going to be pretty darn happy.  If I can check some of the things off of this list?  I'll be just a little bit proud too!

So there's my take on New Year's Resolutions. What about you?  Do you know yours yet? Share them below!

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3rd January, 2019

No resolutions but we have a big tidy up this time of year. Just had a big spring clean of my makeup and skincare lots more space in our draws and so much tidier. Brought some storage so it’s tidily stacked ready for use. Also lined my bathroom draws so I can just take the lining out and wipe clean vs scrubbing the insides of our draws all the time.

3rd January, 2019

One of mine is to cut down on sugar. It's gotten pretty bad over the last couple of years. I love fruits, so whenever I get a craving for chocolate, I'm going to eat a fruit instead.

6th January, 2019

I so need to do this!!!

3rd January, 2019

I do everything in the Beauty list already, except for the top although I did give away and through out a fair amount of makeup last year. Fitness, I pretty much do everything already except for the top one I've been putting off for awhile and the bottom one I think I'm a bit slack in drinking enough water some days, I'm thirsty but I just don't think about it. In the Lifestyle list I could work on the last two. I think I need to work on going to bed earlier. I wake up on time but I'm a bit tired throughout the day.