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Crew Faves 2017: Holy Grail

2 January, 2018 - 06:19pm by - Head Pixie | 25 Comments

Compiled by BR Kellie

BR Merilyn:  Hands down for me the one product I am never going without ever again is Flash Lash. This year I bought Flash Lash (yes, bought it, wasn't even given it) and now I wouldn't be without it. My lashes have never looked so long. (Editor's note - this is true. I was staring at Merilyn's lashes one day and thought she'd bought a new amazing mascara. Nope. They were her lashes, untouched. Amazing. - BR Kellie)

BR Nat:  I've been raving about the Eye of horus Goddess Mascara for three years. Since me and the Goddess went public in 2014 I can't remember buying another mascara for myself.  Now yes, I confess, I have tried several mascaras over the years in the name of research, but the only one I use religiously, the only one I want to spend my money on, is this baby. Why do I love it? It will not budge with water, tears, rain, water-fights - your lashes will look as faboosh as they did when you first applied it. And yet it removes like a dream using a gentle oil cleanser and no scrubbing. It applies evenly, coats every lash and never, ever fails.  Ever.  

BR Kellie:  Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser. Was it my favourite last year? I think it may have been. It was my favourite again this year. It's my morning shower staple cleanser. I did try another when I couldn't find Goodness at my local supermarket and was in desperate need of a cleanser as I was all out, but it didn't work for me and it was passed onto a friend who loved it, meanwhile I hunted down Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser at another supermarket and the love affair has continued. It's creamy. Gentle. Does the job. And the just-mowed-wild-parsley scent rocks my world. 

BR Tabatha:  Didn't even have to think twice about this one. I'm an LA Girl Pro-conceal concealer girl all the way. This concealer lightens and brightens without caking or creasing. And the price is oh so right. It's my makeup bag must.

BR Elaine: I thought spending thirty odd dollars on a makeup sponge was ridiculous. I mean, you can buy so much other makeup with $30 and a cheap sponge did the trick for applying foundation. Except then I was gifted a Beautyblender and it's ruined me. It makes my face look flawless, and I find the bouncing motion on my skin strangely soothing. Once I poo-pooed it, now I wouldn't be without it. Go figure.

There you have it - the products that aren't just this year's favourites - they're all time favourites! Are you a fan of anything we love? Tell us about your holy grails! What do we need to try? What could knock our beauty besties off the top spot? Chat away!



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22nd January, 2018

I have been meaning to try fLash for some time now!! I also love trying new mascara so must add the eye of Horus one to my list!

22nd January, 2018

The goodness cream cleanser is beautiful but I couldn't get my makeup off with it, I prefer the goodness breakup makeup it's also naturally nurturing and good for skin

22nd January, 2018

Flash Lash and EOH mascara are my essentials. The EOH mascara is the best mascara ever in my book, and believe me I have tried 100's. Definitely going to try the cleanser and the concealer now, thanks!

22nd January, 2018

Beauty blender hands down best makeup applicator!

21st January, 2018

I keep hearing such great things about this Flash serum and I am really keen to get my hands on some.I have the LA Girl concealer and it is awesome stuff,really does work so much better then other concealers and it is affordable.I have still yet to buy the Eye Of Horus mascara but it is on my list of many other products I need to try out and again I have heard great things about this too.My holy grail product right now would be my skin food cleanser,leaves my skin so soft and is super kind to my skin.

18th January, 2018

I'm a biiiiiiig fan of Goodness cream cleanser too. So gentle, yet cleanses well.

17th January, 2018

the mascara sounds great, I have real problem with applying it.

17th January, 2018

I need to stop reading some of these articles, my wish list gets longer. Now sold on the Flash serum, EofH mascara and the real Beauty Blender, I have a fake one! I’ve heard great things about the LA Girl concealer. My holy grail would be my Garnier BB Cream and Revlon Colourstay lipstick in Supermodel.

17th January, 2018

All of these products look awesome - I really need to get a lash serum for my poor lashes and I have been looking at the Eye or Horus mascara as I'm really anal about my mascaras :) so may have to get it

15th January, 2018

The Flash Lash is probably the only one that has me curious. I've used the others and sadly they didn't win me over. I do already have long eyelashes but you can never have them too long right?

14th January, 2018

I really must try that eye of Horus mascara!

9th January, 2018

I love Flash eye lash serum, wouldnt be without it now. I get lovely comments on my lashes.

9th January, 2018

And the EoH mascara is also conditioning for the eyelashes, can actually make them healthy, unlike many other mascaras. win-win!

7th January, 2018

I think the beauty blender and and LA pro is something I should buy

7th January, 2018

I so desperately want to try flash lash! But it has been out of my budget for a long time. I do use castor oil on my eyelashes which has been really beneficial though. Things I wouldn't be without: - St Ive's Apricot Scrub - Vaseline for my lips - Kink-free coil hairties - Urban Decay or Too Faced eyeshadow pallete - Nars creamy radiant concealer


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