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Crew Faves 2017: Cosmetics

26 December, 2017 - 08:28pm by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

Compiled by BR Kellie

There's nothing like the looming new year to make one look back on the months that have been and reflect on the events that have proved memorable, the way those events have shaped us, the things that have mattered. Or, in the beauty crew's case, look back on the beauty products we've tried and fallen in love with!

So what cosmetics have rocked our world in 2017? Check these out!

BR Merilyn:  Being fair-haired I'm all about creating a defined brow and this year I discovered a new must-have brow product with the Fab Brows Duo. What sets this set apart? It comes with a stencil, which makes it easier to create perfect looking brows.

BR Nat:  Trust me, no one is as surprised as me that my favourite new (to me) product of 2017 isn't a primer.  Y'all - it's a highlighter.  The Nude by Nature Touch of Glow retails for about thirty bux but I picked it up on sale in their massive end of tax year promotion.  I was rather conservative and bought the one shade, Champagne but they also do a bronze and a rose, presumably for some glowy light contouring action.  Anyhoo, why do I love this?  The rose gold casing is as luxe as it gets, it looks proper classy.  The stick format makes the application of what is essentially a cream highlighter easy peasy. And the result is...beautiful.  It's not an Instagram highlight (although if that's your jam, it could be), it just adds a stunning luminosity to your look.  Buy it.  

BR Kell:  How hard is it to find the perfect foundation? Pretty darn hard. I have a bunch of foundations in my collection. Most I really enjoy. Some I dislike and wish I hadn't bought. Others I'm ho-hum about. But this year saw a foundation enter my life that I loved so much I used up the whole bottle. The foundation? Max Factor Miracle Match. It's everything I could ask for in a foundation. It's not drying. It doesn't grab onto dry patches. It blends a dream. It's not too heavy in coverage. The shade 'warm almond' suits my skin perfectly. Soon as I get through some of the others in my collection I am repurchasing - along with its matching primer, which I also loved. If you're after 'my skin but better', this is it.

BR Amelia: The Eye of Horus Sahara Nude eye pencil is my second most used cosmetic (the first is the EOH Goddess Mascara...but you already know how great that is right?)  This eye pencil is the perfect shade for doing so many makeup tricks, it'll quickly become a daily staple.  I use this on my waterline to make my eyes look bigger (its a much nicer look than white eyeliner) and under my brow arch.  Check out Pixie's article for more ways to use a nude pencil here.

BR Tabatha:  Yeah, I'm late to the party on this one but the Pixie raved on about hers so much I had to see what the big deal was. There's a lot of big deal. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette was made by angels, I'm sure of it. The powder is so finely milled it's incredible. And the effect is subtle, yet knocks me out every time. The Radiant Glow makes me look like I've been lightly kissed by the sun. The Incandescent Light is the most natural but effective highlighter I've ever used (though probably not for those who want their highlight to be seen from space) and Dim Light... it's like I apply it and my face just looks better. So. Much. Love.

BR Elaine:  Want lips that are smooth as a baby's bum? Get your hands on Maybelline Baby Lips. It's cheap as chips (so you can have one in every bag) and it does a fab job of moisturising and nourishing lips. Try the Mango!

So there you have it - the BR Crews favourite cosmetics for 2017. Are any of ours on your list? What's floated your boat this year? What do we need to hunt down and try for 2018? Chat away!

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I'm obsessed with highlighters at the moment and would love to try both the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette and Nude by Nature Touch of Glow ... sounds amazing!

Ohhh I love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette so huge thumbs up! I'd love to try the Nude by Nature Touch of Glow (stunning luminosity? Yes please!) but I need to pan 2 more cream highlighters before I can.

For 2017 I'd have to say Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. It has just enough pigment to still be natural, a fantastic shine and always leaves my lips soft.

Oooh I loved the Max Factor foundation I trialed this year :)

I'm still using mine and actually really like it. I'm still searching for a replacement for my Mac BB cream.

27th December, 2017 at 3:14 pm

I'd love to try a nude pencil. I wonder what new and exciting products will be around this year?

Oh gosh, Maree. There's bound to be something new and exciting I'll want to try even though I'm already stocked up for the year.

27th December, 2017 at 3:13 pm

I haven't tried those before, but mine has to be the Chi Chi Supper Matte Liquid Lipstick. It has been my saviour for affordable matte lipsticks.

I love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I reach for it a lot. I also really like the Nude Eye of Hourus pencil. It's one of my absolute faves from the line. Most of my makeup is pretty old but I did get some Charlotte Tilbury products this year and I really love, love, love the Filmstar Bronze and Glow if you like the gorgeous diffused, candlelit glow you get from Hourglass then you'll also love Charlotte Tilbury, I also really like the blush and lipstick as well.

I'm a bit late to the Hourglass party too but I bought the limited edition that came out for Mecca Maxima's 20th birthday. It was also my birthday so I bought for self as it is so beautiful. I didn't think I would even use it that much as it includes a bronzer, which I don't normally use. I've ended up using the palette everytime I wear makeup and use the colours as eyeshadow on casual makeup days.

I'm also still using the Max Factor foundation which I got to trial, even though I'm more of a BB gal.

29th December, 2017 at 10:27 am

Great picks BR crew! I want the Nude by nature touch of glow, the packaging is pretty! My picks for 2017 would be the Mellow cosmetics black gel liner, Cetaphil Suntivity tinted lotion, The dr lewinns 5 step system (Thank you Beauty review for this trial), And Goodness chia seed oil :D

I haven't had much luck with Maybelline foundations if I'm honest, but sounds like a good one to try BRKell. My problem that I have is picking the correct shade and also checking for skin sensitivity as so many foundations react with my skin.


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