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Cream or Powder? Which Blush is Best?

16 January, 2022 - 02:17pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the fight you've all been waiting for! The battle of the blushes! In the pink corner we have powder blush! Renowned for its easy to build, easy to blend abilities, it comes in a range of shades and is a staple of any beauty lovers kit! In the coral corner, we have cream blush! A scrappy fighter that comes in and out of fashion, but never entirely disappears, it's beloved for its ability to create a natural, glowy look!

Okay, clearly I've been watching too much UFC, but that doesn't make this battle... er, I mean this week's poll any less serious: Cream vs Powder blush. What are the pros and cons? Which, ultimately, do you think is the better option to get a fab flush? We make the case for both... but we need YOU to decide the winner!

Powder Blush

The pros of powder blush are many - the product keeps for a long time (usually two years), making it more economical compared to its creamy counterpart. It also lasts a long time on the face, which means less touch ups during the day.

If you've oily skin, powder blush is your friend as it won't slip away or be eaten by your skin in the way cream blush can.

Powder blush can be applied with more precision, and it can create a more polished look.

It terms of creating colour pay off, powder blush does so easily and effectively.

HOWEVER, colour payoff can also be the pitfall of powder blush, as some blushes are hugely pigmented, which is why tapping your blush-loaded brush onto your arm before applying it to your face can stop you coming down with a case of clown face.

Not only that, if you have drier or more textured skin, powder blush can emphasise patchy areas and pores, and look uneven. Even more so if there's a shimmer in the formula.

Cream Blush

Love a natural look? Cream blush is for you. Creating a 'just went for a brisk walk' luminous flush is its strength.

If you've more mature skin or skin that's on the dry side, cream blush can create a more hydrated look.

Application is also hard to get wrong - simply swipe the product onto your cheeks then pat it out using your fingertips, or stipple it with a brush. As cream blush tends to be on the shearer side, it's easy to layer without disaster striking. 

However, with a shelf life of twelve to eighteen months, cream blush won't last as long as powder, making it not so wallet friendly if you find yourself having to chuck it out more regularly - doubly so if you find you don't wear it all that often.

Cream blush is also not as long lasting on the skin (especially if you have oily skin or the weather is on the hot and humid side), so if you're looking to go from work to play without having to spend more time reapplying makeup in the mirror, it's not for you, but if you're wanting to rock around for a few hours with a fresh-faced dewy look, cream blush is unbeatable!

There you have it... the pros and cons of cream versus powder blush. Now, my lovelies, hit that poll up and let us know which gets your vote? Now, head to your corners and... FIGHT!


Which blush is best?

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23rd January, 2022

I switched from powder to cream blush received recently, as I find the powder was showing up any lines and wrinkles. I purchased a blush roll up stick from Mecca in a dusty rose colour which is really easy to apply and looks natural.

23rd January, 2022

I have always used powder but I want to switch

21st January, 2022

Powder all day , I find cream blush moves with the foundation . Not good . Each to their own

20th January, 2022

I absolutely love cream blush, and have two at the moment in stick formats. It’s just so easy to swipe and then blend with your fingers without having to have an extra brush. They’re easily transportable too if you need a touch up.

18th January, 2022

I don't use blush, but having a more natural look with a cream blush would get my vote.

18th January, 2022

I tend to wear powder blush more often but that’s mostly because I forget to use my cream blush before I have powdered my whole face.

17th January, 2022

To be honest, I have never tried a cream blush, I am a powder girl all the way

17th January, 2022

tend to use powder so i can build it up

17th January, 2022

I honestly haven't tried cream blush but I haven't used a blush up yet! And I keep my products for years. There's also the possibility of it moving my concealer and/or foundation before I've set it. And what about needing other cream products for your cheeks as well so they all get put on and blend well before getting set.

17th January, 2022

Currently, as it's summer, to work I wear cream blush. On special occasions I'll wear powder blush. In the colder months I wear powder blush to work and for special occasions, and on weekends and days off I'll wear cream blush.

17th January, 2022

I wear both, but mostly powder blush!

17th January, 2022

Powder blush is my go to, not as messy.

16th January, 2022

I don't find cream blush applies as well, so it's definitely powder blush for me.

23rd January, 2022

I’ve recently bought the Mecca contour stick and was wondering what the blushes were like. I’ll definitely check them out now I’ve seen your comment.


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