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Are You Looking For a Quick Way to Cover Greys?

20 September, 2019 - 08:30pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments

Poll posted by BR Amelia

Grey hairs.  They affect the Beauty Crew in different ways.  

Some of us couldn't care less about going grey.  It's a natural part of ageing, and the silver strands just don't bother us.

Some of us are older and colour our hair from root to tip, meaning when the regrowth kicks in, it's pretty obvious we're going grey, or are now naturally grey.   Grey hairs seem to make our regrowth more noticable.

Then we have some crew members who are just starting to go grey.  For some it impacts their regrowth slightly.  And then there are those of us who don't colour our hair, or have balayage.  We don't have regrowth problems, but we have grey strands we want to hide.

We're sending two different products out for review that might just be the answer to looking fab in spite of regrowth or grey hairs!

The L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch range is perfect for covering up regrowth or those sneaky grey hairs when you need to look fabulous, fast.  It offers the ideal solution in those moments between your next salon appointment or colour treatment. 

The Magic Retouch Spray gives women a quick and easy way to cover their grey roots for a perfectly blended finish. The formula is a non-drip, fine diffusion spray that lasts until washed out.

Magic Retouch Precision has a precision wand to cover stray greys at the roots and temples.

We're looking for reviewers to put their regrowth on the line and take one of these out for a spin - are you game?

If you want to join this trial team, click here to take our super quick survey telling us what colour hair you have!

And why not chat to us below about all things regrowth an grey - are you a religious touch-er-upp-er, or are you known to rock the band until it's wide enough to be considered ombre?!  Do you want to hide greys?

Are You Looking For a Quick Way to Cover Greys?

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25th September, 2019

I wonder if the hair mascara would double as a brown product I get grey eye brows

23rd September, 2019

I colour my hair also. Having a touch up product like this would be premo. Greys seem to just ruin the nice just had my hair done look

23rd September, 2019

I do have grey's coming through. It kinda bothers me, especially when I have put a colour in my hair and they just ruin the look

23rd September, 2019

I wonder if this is better than the Schwarzkopf one? I just don't find the blonde colour is light enough to show up in my hair so it would be good to see if this one does a better job.

22nd September, 2019

I'm fortunate enough to not have those showing up yet.

22nd September, 2019

My hair grows so fast every two weeks l have grey regrowth around my fringe and crown area , love to try something to get me through the two week mark !

22nd September, 2019

I'm starting to get greys here and there. This sounds like a great idea.

22nd September, 2019

My regrowth is showing so need this to try. Would like to compare with the Schwarzkopf brand.

22nd September, 2019

Surely not ready yet for those greys. I colour my hair but my hair grows out so quickly that I almost have to colour every 2 - 3 weeks and this would be great for those quick touch ups when needed.

21st September, 2019

Growing mine out so not even trying to hide em now!

21st September, 2019

I would really like to give these a go as there is always times when you need just that quick touch to help out when something special comes up before that planned salon visit or colour boost is due. I have had those arggg moments and rushed to get the root covers and so far not found one that suits me comfortably so I would like to try this as I use this haircare range normally. Thanks and x-ing fingers to get on this trial.

21st September, 2019

I colour my hair red and these products don’t seem to come in red shades. I’m not bothered about my greys. I have a few silver strands that pick up the red when I colour is so they’re more like highlights.

21st September, 2019

Yep, not a fan of greys, keen to put my hand up too!

21st September, 2019

Not ready to be proud of my greys yet, bring it on!

21st September, 2019

Grey hair and I just don't like each other ! My hair tends to grow quickly and one minute it looks fab and the next minute the grey has arrived in town (again). I visit the hairdresser regularly, but sometimes it's just not possible eg away on holiday, Xmas break etc., so I have to attack it on my own. Over the years I have used all sorts of cunning methods, some more effective than others, so this little bit of Magic with the precision wand looks perfect for me. I would really love to try it.


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