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Miraculous Facial Oil
Miraculous Facial Oil

Coconut Oil - Just how many ways can you use it?

11 January, 2015 - 10:17pm by - First Lady | 38 Comments

Article by BR Tabatha

The Beauty Review Forum is home to many an interesting conversation - it's a great place to learn new beauty tricks.  And one conversation that crops up a lot is that of Coconut Oil.  Yes, an occasional pantry item has now become a beauty cabinet staple.

Why?  Because this product has about a squillion uses across your home - as versatility goes, it leaves most marketed multi-purpose products far behind.

What rocked my world about Coconut Oil was that it hass a natural SPF 4, which whilst not very high, offers that little extra protection when layering products.  For those unfamiliar with coconut oil don't be put off by it's solid form - it easily melts with body warmth between the palms of your hands!  And when using coconut oil for a new us opt for the less is more approach until you figure out the right amount for you!

Here's just a few of the many beauty uses for coconut oil:

  1. You can use it as a hair oil/serum for taming frizzies and flyaways.
  2. You can use it as an intensive hair treatment.
  3. It's considered the perfect oil for oil pulling.
  4. You can use it as a very basic skin lotion.
  5. It's considered a fantastic makeup remover, akin to expensive cleansing oils.
  6. Pregnant women rub it on their tummies to help soften the skin and lessen stretchmarks.
  7. Mix with sea salt for a coarse exfoliant that's great for your feet.
  8. As a cuticle oil.
  9. As a bath oil.

And here's some other pretty cool beauty-related uses:

  • As a nappy cream and barrier cream
  • As a naturally antibacterial cream for scrapes and grazes.
  • As a erm, personal lubricant, for, well, you know what.
  • As either a shaving cream or after-shave balm.
  • As a cradle cap solution - massage in to the head and leave to sit for as long as you can.  Gently brush the flakes loose and shampoo out.
  • As a soother for bug bites.
  • As a massage oil.  You can add whatever essential oils you prefer to make a custom blend.
  • As a deodorant.  Mix with a little arrowroot to stay fresh all day.
  • As relief from cracked paw pads.  Your woof-woof will thank you.
  • As a beard/moustache shaper.

Oh and apparently, you can even cook with it. 

Are you a fan of Coconut Oil?  What do you use it for?  Get chatting below!



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1st February, 2015

The most talked about item in the forums. It's such a flexible and natural source of oil to work with. When I move house I really want to switch to using it for cooking. I've heard it's really good.

1st February, 2015

I use a fair amount of coconut oil for cooking so generally have a large tub of it in the kitchen. Other than that I find it works brilliantly as a body lotion and apply a very small amount to my arms and legs when I come out of the shower, particularly if you have spent the day in the sun. If you slather your hair with it and sleep with it on your hair overnight it not only conditions the hair but gives it a brilliant sheen too.

31st January, 2015

Also, I'm hypothyroid and medicated, and coconut oil (coconut in general) is a natural thyroid stimulant. That means it's going to enhance your immunity, metabolism, ability to handle hot, cold, stress, fatigue and lethargy, and a whole bunch of other good stuff

30th January, 2015

I love coconut oil even though I don't like coconut.I use it as a hair treatment overnight once a week and for my cuticles,face lotion and cleanser actually nearly all of the above mentioned lol.My dogs love it to they have a spoonful a day and what great coats they have good stuff !! :)

29th January, 2015

As I am typing this I am sitting with coconut oil on my hair lol :) I am a huge fan of if. I use it as a hair treatment , in my scrubs as a serum as well as when I shave my legs. I leaves my skin and hair feeling great. I have recommended this to so many people. Definitely a must have :)

29th January, 2015

Yes you can cook with coconut oil of course it's a case of you are what you eat or rather good enough to eat and use externally. I have some in my pantry and am intending on making some lipstick from it yip that's right lipstick. I saw tutorial where you use crayons non toxic crayons and coconut oil. By boiling water and melting 2 tablespoons of oil to one crayon together a healthy cost effective lipstick is produced. On this tutorial all colors were used and the colors were amazing. She melted them in little plastic tubs on the stove top and then transferred to recycled wax tubs the ones you get little candle blocks from but I know storage box have little tubs with lids which would suit..... Try it out search it on you tu be it's pretty much a no brained and win win for your pocket and your face. :)

29th January, 2015

Well I may have to buy some of this.

27th January, 2015

Coconut oil has been used in many cultures for generations with amazing results. Its now our time to discover the many benefits of this amazing product

27th January, 2015

I love anything coconutty, the smell is just amazing.

26th January, 2015

Still haven't used any coconut oil - this article is persuading me to start

22nd January, 2015

sounds great i must try it thank you

21st January, 2015

I think I am almost obsessed with coconut. All of the body lotions I own have coconut in them. I love using coconut oil as a base for massages and as a stand alone oil for massages. I've used coconut oil to help keep sunburnt skin well moisturised and love using soaps and body washes with coconut as a main ingredient.

I have yet to successfully use coconut oil to tame my unruly hair but did try to rinse coconut oil through my hair as a conditioning treatment a few years back as a student living in Dunedin. Unfortunately, it was winter in Dunedin and the oil quickly solidified in my hair, taking a few kettles of boiling water to rinse it all out. I now only use hair products with coconut in it.

Does anyone have any handy tips on using coconut oil as a hair serum?

21st January, 2015

I have heard a lot about coconut oil for many different uses, but still to try it. It''s probably the cost that's stopping me at the moment. I would love to use it in cooking (an organic one) plus for my face - actually I would probably like to try it for everything name above!!!!

19th January, 2015

I absolutely love coconut oil! It is my life saver, I use it as a hair mask once a week, to take my make up off,massarge into my eyelashes,as a lip balm. It's soo good and very inexpensive . A must have for me and always will be

17th January, 2015

Awesome article, coconut oil really is the business