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Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

29 November, 2020 - 10:23am by - First Lady | 5 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

The early bird catches the worm.  This is especially true with shopping - first in, first served.

Which is why some people prefer to shop through the year, picking up bargains in sales months before the big day and helping to ease the financial pressure so often felt during the silly season.

Of course getting Christmas sorted months in advance isn't fool-proof.  What the kids were into three months a go might be a distant memory with the new fandangled must have toy released just before Christmas.  The clothes you bought in Winter might not be weather appropriate for a Summer Christmas.

Then you get the people who start shopping a month or so before Christmas, checking off the list, yet managing to avoid the high stress levels that come from shopping during the week preceeding Christmas. Maybe they were waiting to pick up bargains in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, or just couldn't face the Christmas festivities too soon.

And then you get the last minute shoppers.  Heaving malls, the stress of coming up with the perfect present in record time. The financial dent the wallet is about to experience.  These people tell themselves next year they will be more organised...

With just over 4 weeks to go - have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  Are you a bargain hunter through the year, or do take the financial hit and tackle it closer to the time?  How many people do you have to buy for?

Get chatting below!

Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

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3rd December, 2020

Nothing yet but know what I am getting and do it all online this week.

1st December, 2020

I've pretty much done what I have to. As everyone gets older, it gets less and less each year. If I have grandchildren in the future it might be a different story though :)

30th November, 2020

First time I’m officially sorted .

30th November, 2020

Brought a few gifts but mostly due to sales and having to send a few overseas.

30th November, 2020

Yeah I’ve started.. I was lucky the day prior to lockdown I brought my son a few birthday gifts to have for his lockdown birthday.. I didn’t want that happening again so I have had their main Xmas pressies sorted for a while just in case.. touch wood.

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