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Get Chatting on New Zealand's Beauty Forum!

28 October, 2019 - 08:01pm by - First Lady | 14 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Did you know Beauty Review has a forum?  Oh yes, NZ beauty addicts don't need to join American or Australian forums to get chatting to like minded folks. 

Want to share your hauls or ask for advice from fellow beauty addicts?  Or maybe you have something completely unrelated to beauty going on, and just fancy a chat about life - whatever you want to talk about you should check out our lovely online community!  Over the past six years our forum has developed in to an welcoming, friendly and fun place to interact with fellow BR beauties and meet some truly wonderful people.

The Giveaway

We feel like we know so many of our members as if we'd been friends for years - and we want to e-meet more of you!

Every post you make on the forum over the next three weeks is an entry in the weekly draw to win the new Remington Curl & Straight Styler worth $249.99!

We'll pick winners every Monday for the next three weeks (4th, 11th and 18th November)

Click here to head over to the Forum and start chatting!

(or keep on reading if you're a bit confused by all of this forum business!)

The Basics:

A Forum is an online space for discussion.  Individual discussions are called 'Threads' and each contribution is a 'Post'.

We have 2 moderators who are also members, and all of the Beauty Crew are also moderators.   

As moderators we read every post, occasionally chip in to the discussion, but mostly we just keep and eye on things to make sure the Forum Guidelines are being met.

Choice of Forums:

We have different forums, from specific beauty topics (Cosmetics, Skin Care and Hair Care) to General Discussion (where anything goes).

When creating a new thread please start it in the appropriate space - it helps with the housekeeping if things are organised.


Anybody can read through the forum, but only Beauty Review members can post to the forum.  Please bear this in mind when you choose to share personal information.

How do I start a new thread?

Go in to the Forum you'd like to post in and scroll to the bottom of the page - click "Add a new thread".

Before you add a new thread have a quick check - there might be a similar topic you can add to!

How do I know if somebody has replied to me or a thread I'm part of?

At the bottom of the thread is a link "Subscribe to this thread".  If you click this you'll receive email notifications whenever somebody replies to that specific thread.

How do I add a picture to my post?

We currently do not allow linking to pictures.  You can copy and paste a picture, but we request that the picture not be too large and absolutely must pertain to the thread.  You must also cite a reference or own the rights to the picture.

But you can of course add a photo to the Beauty Review Photowall.

How do I add a link?

If you copy and paste a link it will not automatically become a 'clickable' link. Let's say you wanted to link people to our site - you type "Check out Beauty Review for reliable reviews". 

To make a hyperlink you need to highlight what you would like to link (say the words Beauty Review) and click the link icon in the formatting header. Enter the URL and click ok. 

A note about links - long links (such as to specific pages of a retail website) can look really untidy and make browsing the forum quite confusing and laborious.  It's much neater to select a couple of words and link them.  For example "Check out this sale".

What can't I post?

Before posting on the forum please read our guidelines.  It's pretty obvious stuff, but confusion usually occurs with what is classed as advertising.  We do not permit advertising, either in it's typical form ('Buy our product it's great', or self promotion ('Check out my blog post it's great'). Ideally we like to avoid either of these on the forum - Beauty Review is an independent site, and we have to maintain that integrity. 

Advertising - please do not post pictures advertising sales, products, websites etc.  If you'd like to link to a sale (who doesn't love a bargain?!) please do so in the Freebees, samples, discounts, hot offers forum.  Please follow the link instructions of the previous point to ensure this section of the forum remains tidy.  Please do not link to sales/giveaways that you are in anyway affiliated with.  Which leads us nicely to:

Self Promotion - you can link to your blog in the forum footer and via your BR profile.  Please don't link to blog posts unless they are very, very, very, very relevant to the question posed.  Do not link out to giveaways you're hosting, or use the forum for soliciting market research.  Please do not post asking for votes, Facebook page likes or help with monetary issues.  If you are representing a charity please drop us a line first and we'll get back to you quickly as to whether it is suitable for the forum.

Liability and Slander - We recognise our member's rights to their own opinion, however when referencing a company's policy (for example on animal rights) it is important that you cite credible references.  So if you state "XXXX supports animal cruelty, do not buy from them", you must back this up!

Parallel Importing / Unauthorised Distributors - Beauty Review are proudly KIWI and therefore staunch supporters of the 'official' NZ beauty industry.  Links to Parallel Importers or unauthorised distributors will be removed.  Shop local!

My thread or post has been removed - why?  

BR moderators can remove and edit any post - we can also ban users from the forum.  We will only take these actions if we feel it is absolutely necessary.  We'll always send you a message explaining why we took a course of action and will invite you to resubmit your post if you wish.

Why do you 'close' some threads? 

Every so often a thread can head towards breaking the guidelines - rather than remove it, a BR moderator will simply post "***This thread is now closed.****  Any posts after a moderator message like this will be automatically deleted. 

I have a question, concern or complaint about the forum - what can I do? 

Send us an email to and as always we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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9th November, 2019

These new Remington straighteners look wicked, might have to add it to my Christmas wishlist, unless... :D Fingers crossed, lol!

8th November, 2019

Nicely written =D

6th November, 2019

good guidelines and information above

5th November, 2019

It was good to read this =)

5th November, 2019

That’s great

5th November, 2019

This looks interesting, I love reading all the comments.

31st October, 2019

Sending this to my mum she needs to know how to use the forum

30th October, 2019

Oh awesome! I would love to get to know more of the beautys on here

29th October, 2019

Wow, nice one :)

29th October, 2019

Great information here, if everyone follows it will be a wonderful place again

29th October, 2019

Thanks for solving the spam issues BR pixies.

29th October, 2019

How can I delete my forum? I spelt something wrong in the heading and cant find where to edit or delete the heading?

29th October, 2019

You cant (to my knowledge) it just sits there haunting you!

29th October, 2019

That's right, the heading can't be edited so you would need to request that the whole thread is deleted.

29th October, 2019

So glad its up and running again. Thanks BR

28th October, 2019

Never seen one with those twisted to YouTube to find out more about this strange new straightener...


Every forum post you make is an entry in the weekly draw to win a Remington Curl and Straight worth $249.99.

We're giving one away every week for the next three weeks!

Winner announced every Monday morning!

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