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Can You Care Too Much About Your Armpits?

2 August, 2021 - 05:48am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

How often do you think about your armpits? Daily? Weekly? Never? I can't say I consider my armpits all that often. Perhaps once a day when I pop on deodorant, and a couple of times a week when I realise it's getting a little scratchy under there and I'd better shave or risk looking like a chimpanzee as I scritch and scratch the area in an attempt to make the underarm tickles disappear.

The reason I ask is that apparently, according to articles I keep seeing pop up on my social media feeds, I need to be thinking more about my underarms. Yes, armpit care is now a thing. No longer should we be giving our pits a quick wash in the shower while we do the rest of our bod, but we ought to also be exfoliating and applying moisturiser. One article I read had a whole EIGHT STEPS to looking after your armpits.

You what now?

We're talking cleansing and toning and masking and exfoliating and moisturising and more! Heck, that's more attention to my armpits than I pay to face on any given day! 

Is this underarm obsession madness? Is doing the basics no longer good enough? Could taking these armpit care articles seriously lead to irritating an area that's sensitive at the best of times? Is this a way for companies to create and sell a whole new range of products? Having seen soap marketed specifically for the armpits, I would suggest yes.

All I know is that for me this is one selfcare step too many, and I will be sticking to my two step regime of including the area in my daily wash, followed by a swipe of Mum in order to keep my colleagues, friends and family from telling me I stink. 

So my fellow owners of armpits... Do you indulge your armpits and treat the area to some extra special care? Or is it more of a case of your armpits are there, you do the basics and other than that you don't think about them all that much... and you're happy keeping things that way?

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9th August, 2021

I use the same things that I use on my body, works fine for me.

7th August, 2021

Blimey I wouldn't be bothered doing all that to my armpits this just sounds like too much work and expense lol.All I do is shave and use a roll on deodorant and i'm done! I am contemplating on purchasing an IPL though because I think it would be money well spent, I could use it on other areas.

7th August, 2021

Well, I have deodorant that cares for my skin there at the moment but generally I don't give them much attention. However I do notice that I have an enlarged pore in one of them so in the shower I care to feel around for a lump and squeeze to keep it unclogged from deodorant build up An ingrown hair can be very painful.

6th August, 2021

This sounds like a money making scheme to me lol. I started shaving as soon as a hair appeared and don't even know how much would be there if I left it haha. IPL works wonders and deodorant of course but that's it for me.

3rd August, 2021

I shave and IPL. When I was dong well on my veganism I stopped using deodorant and didn't need it, which was great. Since I've slipped back to less natural food Ive started using it again. The goal is to get the veganism back on track and stop using anything except hair removal. I hate body hair.

3rd August, 2021

Yes for sure!! It’s disgusting under there we need to keep it well maintained

3rd August, 2021

Whatever im using to wash or scrub my body I’ll also use under my armpits, but nope i dont usually moisturise it specifically, and definitely never considered putting a mask under it. Maybe i should consider when using a body cream ?

3rd August, 2021

Yes! I always clean, exfoliate and pop moisturiser and deodorant on.

3rd August, 2021

I take great care to carefully epilate my underarms which leaves them clean looking. I also use a natural crystal deodorant to keep them chemical free.

2nd August, 2021

Wash and deo for my pits. Maybe the occasional exfoliate when I do my body, but the thought of moisturising them … um, nope. I have moisturised my armpits once before, when they were itchy and I thought the skin might be dry, but if felt weird having moisturiser under there.

2nd August, 2021

Wash in the morning and with every shower. Deoderant and wax/pluck. I'll exfoliate when I exfoliate my body but that's it. I've heard of armpit masks meant to detox especially for those going from regular antiperspirants to natural deoderants. Might be interested in something to treat excessive sweating but that's it.

2nd August, 2021

Hell no! I shave them and apply deodorant lol I couldn't think of anything worse than having sticky moisturised pits.

2nd August, 2021

I didn't know this was a thing. I do the usual daily wash and deo. I do exfoliate also. I don't know why you would moisturise if you are going to put deo on after though. I'm happy with my minimal effort routine lol.

3rd August, 2021

I can’t say I tone, our put a mask on my armpits however. very interesting to think about.

3rd August, 2021

0h, I've never used moisturiser or masks on my armpits.


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