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Can You Believe How Many Products We WASTE?!

10 January, 2021 - 12:23pm by - First Lady | 7 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

Here are three truths about the Beauty Crew.  (And probably most of you guys too)

We like beauty products.  We like bargains.  We love beauty bargains. 

Now sure as a Beauty Editor I probably have a reason for the drawers of unopened products, but, I did get to wondering recently about how many products the average consumer has sitting in a drawer, going to waste.  My research led me to stumble upon a survey conducted by Vaseline a few years ago. 

Get ready for it - the average woman will waste about $30000 on unused beauty products.  And nope, our zero key didn't get stuck.  $30000 wasted on beauty products.  They don't seem like bargains now do they.  Now once you've picked your jaw of the ground we'll tell you where we're frittering away that money to!

In her lifetime the average woman will buy:

  • 840 moisturizers
  • 360 nail varnishes
  • 300 lipsticks

77% of women will use only 10 items regularly, despite buying over 100 every year.  In total, we will discard 5,846 beauty products over the course of our lives.  

And to make us feel worse, men will buy around 960 beauty products in their life time.

If all of this wasn't crazy enough we'll leave you with one last factoid from the survey: 92% of men and 83% of women prefer the ‘natural look’.  So why on earth are we buying so many products?!

Now, as I said, this survey was a few years old, so maybe, hopefully, we've all changed our habits since then...right?!

So what's your opinion on this?  Do you think you're an average woman when it comes to these wasteful shopping habits? Are you a confessed beauty product procurer, and if you are do you find a lot of the products go to waste?

Get chatting below!


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15th January, 2021

I admit I am ashamed to say that I am one of those woman and so this year I have unsubscribed from a lot of marketing emails to curb my impulse urges and save some money in the long run.

14th January, 2021

Oh yes. I have a drawer full of things that need to go. And I use products for too long. I'm hoping to reduce things this year and use less of anything and everything with chemicals.

15th January, 2021

Same here,my cupboard is literarlly bulging at the seams,i'm shocking!

15th January, 2021

I've been sharing mine for these reasons! If I have something that a friend or family member uses and I haven't touched it in 2 months then its theirs!

15th January, 2021

That's awesome @Cassey!

12th January, 2021

Woah! And when you think a lot of women wouldn't buy those excessive amounts ... That means other women are buying EVEN more to push up the average

15th January, 2021

Im finding more and more that im buying something and never using it, even things like mascara. As a result when I buy them for special occasions, ill go for mini's because I know im not going to go through those products as much!

11th January, 2021

I used to waste sooooo much! But not now :-)

11th January, 2021

I hate to admit it but yes I do. I buy things and they either expire before I get to them or I only use them a couple of times and keep buying other stuff. I try to give products away if I’m not going to use them and they may be close to expiring but not always. It’s definitely a bad habit.

11th January, 2021

I don't find it that surprising given how the industry works with all the releases and trends. I admit I used to buy a lot of products, usually unique lipstick shades that I liked and wore a couple of times then never touched again. It's something I am working on at being better at, reducing waste both monetarily and environmentally.

15th January, 2021

Very true. How the times, trends and prices have changed over the years.

14th January, 2021

So true isn't it? My Mum used her lipsticks until they were worn down then she'd get another one. They were probably more expensive in those days I guess.

10th January, 2021

Yep I feel like if I don’t try before I buy on certain things and I hate it, it will be wasted. Plus I waste a lot of eyeshadows and mascara not using them fast enough

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