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Can a toothpaste rebuild tooth enamel - in just three days?

15 June, 2014 - 08:29pm by - First Lady | 54 Comments

image: Unilever

Article posted by BR Natalie

Can a toothpaste rebuild tooth enamel?  A $20 toothpaste says it can rebuild a whopping 82% of tooth enamel.  In just three days!

Newly launched in Selfridges (yes, BR Natalie loves Selfridges), the Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste by Unilever, contains calcium silicate and sodium phosphate to essentially re-build a new layer of white enamel on the teeth.

Tooth enamel is damaged on a daily basis by consumption of things like fizzy drinks, wine and even fruit and vegetables  And whilst many parts of the body like skin, hair and nails will regenerate, when tooth enamel is gone, it's gone.  Which is a same considering it protects our teeth from decay.  

So how does this rather expensive toothpaste work?  Think of it like plastering a wall.  The toothpaste contains the same minerals tooth enamel is made of, these fill the teeny tiny holes and damage in the tooth enamel, leaving teeth smooth and three times as strong.  Teeth will be less likely to develop cavities and will be restored to their original whiteness.

Now the toothpaste is not meant to be used alone.  For optimum results a Boosting Serum will need to be used once a month, in two custom fit mouth trays.  The serum will set you back another $60.

The company is presenting the toothpaste as a beauty product that will sit alongside expensive age-defying creams and potions.

Despite the rather large price tag, we can see this toothpaste flying off the shelves, especially in a society where bad teeth are something people are judged on.  

So over to you.  What do you think of the Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste and it's claims?  Do your teeth knock your confidence and is this something you would pay a premium price to rectify?  More importantly, can a consumer product really do what dentists can't, and mend your teeth?

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25th September, 2014

I would try this, as my teeth need a lot of brightening up and cosmetic work.

23rd August, 2014

Im a skeptic about this. But I would also try it just to test it.

11th August, 2014

As a shift worker I sometimes exist on diet coke - sooooo bad for my teeth. I already use a high fluoride toothpaste on the advice of my (delightful) dental hygienist but would try this in a heartbeat. Thinking that it would also be suitable for the kids, unlike the high fluoride toothpaste. Have tried tooth mousse, a tube of that was about $16 and it was totally repulsive. You smear this gritty pasty stuff all around your teeth last thing at night and it froths up and you aren't meant to swallow it just hold it in your mouth . . . Geez I can feel my stomach heave just thinking about it. Talk about cure being worse than the disease!

23rd June, 2014

This I would have to see. If it does, I'm buying the whole lot he he he xx

23rd June, 2014

I would love to try this. I was born with naturally tiny teeth and therefore my enamel is really thin and I have very sensitive teeth. Would be amazing if this could help in some way. I can't even eat a mandarin without cringing!

23rd June, 2014

Holy moly! This sounds too good to be true!! My teeth are very poor from medication, If it works I would pay!

22nd June, 2014

I would love to know if this really works i dont like to smile personally because of my teeth would love to see reviews on this might be the key to build my confidence

22nd June, 2014

Hmm this sounds interesting. I usually only use oral health products that have been recommend by dentists or are reputable, as some products can have the reverse effect and actually be more harmful

21st June, 2014

I would be keen to give it a go but am pretty sceptical about how this would work.

20th June, 2014

Definitely sounds too good to be true, although I have been given some intense brown paste stuff from the dentist who said it did that kind of thing. I would love this - if it worked! I get a bit pedantic about little holes/spots in my teeth. Especially because the dentist is ridiculously expensive and many people - myself included - after you stop getting it free when you are under 18 - don't go back until its too late!

20th June, 2014

It sounds really great - I would be interested to hear the opinions of people who had given it a go!

19th June, 2014

I would love to try this product.I have noticed lately that my teeth are getting more sensitive.

19th June, 2014

Dentists are expensive and I think this would work to strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. I would give this a go.

18th June, 2014

GET IN MY MOUTH!!! if this will lengthen time between dentist visits sign me up!

18th June, 2014

I want it!! I hate my teeth! They're so discoloured from coffee & everything plus my top front 4 have root canals so they're quite grey. I want gdt zoom whitening but it's soooo expensive. I'm going to investigate this toothpaste!


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