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Bring on the Bright! Neon Is So Hot Right Now!

24 June, 2018 - 08:02pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Winter, why you so gloomy? As much as we enjoy snuggling up in cosy layers of clothing and having an excuse to drink marshmallow-heavy hot chocolates, we do miss the eye-aching brightness of sunshine and the flippy frocks in joy-inducing shades that the warmer months bring. Lucky for us, there's a trend that's so hot right now even on the coldest days we feel a warm glow just looking at it.

Helloooooooo NEON.

Yes, neon is popping up left, right and centre on The Gram, with makeup artists and makeup lovers having plenty of fun with the bold, brilliant shades. It's not just one part of the bod that's getting the neon treatment either. No, if it can be coloured in, it's getting neoned. Check this inspo out! 


This work of art from Swayze makes us want to say 'no' to neutrals and give neon the nod of approval! She is seriously talented - and if you want more neon (and eyeshadow looks) inspo then her Insta page is a must!


We love his look from courtgannhair. You know who we think would rock it? She who already rocks the neon -none other than fabulous BR member Shazatron101! Check out her gorg neon hair here.


From the lips to her lids, the NYX UK Face Award Winner of 2017 Heather Moorhouse has neon well and truly sorted! Also, that glittery sparkle addition? Yes. If you're going to go big, you may as well go massive.


Sure, neon's perhaps not for the shy and retiring among us, but that doesn't mean we can't at least give it a try! We are loving the pop of neon halo that Jade Thompson has created, and the neon lips are totally wearable! 


And if neon on your face is too much to consider, then check out neon nails! Check out this fabulous ombre neon nail from pandanails&lashes. Subtle yet sensational all at the same time! 

So is neon your jam? Is it something you're willing to try? Or will you be sticking to the land of neutrals? Chat away!


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2nd July, 2018

I love all of those pics they are stunning.

2nd July, 2018

Love the neon eye looks and nails!

1st July, 2018

I love neon nails... but that is about the extent of my neon wearing!

28th June, 2018

These are just a bit too out there for me but if I was say in my early twenties or younger I would probably give them a go.

27th June, 2018

I'm loving the neon, I don't know if I can pull of the neon eye shadow, but I want that neon hair!

26th June, 2018

I love bright colours love the hair make up and the nails I would love to be able to do make up weel I used to be okay but since I do not wear it as much now I think I am bad at it I am considering buying a neon pallet I need help to use shimmer and mattes together

26th June, 2018

I LOVE those neon lips - I want!!!

26th June, 2018

LOVE bright colours perfect for winter

25th June, 2018

I like some degree of neon, like nail polish and some clothing items! Can add such a fun pop of colour.

25th June, 2018

I love wearing my neon pink and blue eyeshadows. So yes I'm already onboard.

25th June, 2018

I would definitely try the neon nails!! But I think I’ll stick to less radical inspos for my hair and makeup - although these looks work on the models pictured and look very cool on them! Head-turning for sure! Wow!!

25th June, 2018

I love my neutrals although I really love pairing a neutral makeup look with a hot pink, fuschia lip. Not into neon nails either, the tiniest chip can be seen from meters away so not practical for me.

25th June, 2018

I do love a bit of colour but not too out there on me personally. The nails and jadet are pretty and probably would be my limit for some neon. Some people could get away with much more but I'm not too daring... a funky nail colour is plenty for me.

25th June, 2018

The top picture is very creative would look fantastic in a fashion show. Sometimes I wear a bright nail polish on my toes but at my age that's as far as I'd go. They do look fun.

25th June, 2018

Love the neon ombre nails! I love neon colours on my nails - the rest is a little too much for me!