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Blooming Heck! Is This The Prettiest Braid Ever?

11 June, 2018 - 07:30pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

We're calling it... Braids are back! They've beaten off the brows as the Instragram trend du jour, and new swoon-worthy styles are popping up on the regular! The latest? It's bloomin' beautiful!

Hot on the heels of the pipe braid comes a softer, sweeter, super gorgeous braid style. Prepare to breathe in with delight...

Welcome to the braided rose.


The work of art above was created by Alison Valsamis of Braided and Blonde, and is titled 'Garden Trellis'. 

Isn't it gorgeous? Intricate. Divine. Absolutely stunning.

I can imagine it on a summer's bride, wearing a vintage or vintage-style dress, wafting up a meadow, clasping a handful of freshly cut daisies. 


Best of all... if you want to attempt this look, you can! Alison put together an Instagram tutuorial showing how she created the braided rose (link above!).

She notes that she uses a mix of standard and dutch techniques to create the 3D feel of a real flower. What we love is that when you first see the braided rose image you think 'I could never do that', but Alison's tutorial makes it seem very doable.

Anyone else feel like colouring their hair to create this look? 

(Also, if you want some braidspiration check out the Braided and Blonde Insta page - seriously amazing.)

So are you here for braided rose hair? Has it got you blooming excited? Is your heart blooming with the prettiness of it all? Or is this one braid trend you won't be picking up on anytime soon? Chat away!

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The top one is beautiful! I have long hair so could try it but I am sooooo unco lol!

OMG I used to do this when I had super long hair! It was a bit hard for me though because my hair was quite uncooperative (asian hair) and it really tires out the arms. But I had perfected a rose bun and would stick sparkly pins in to the petals. Now I've shoulder length hair though and can't do all the fun braids anymore

Wow these are georgous!

I do love braids very pretty. I wish I could do them on my own hair but I don't have the patience.

It looks lovely. I am terrible at hair though, so I don't think I would be able to do my hair this way.

It's so cool, but I don't have the talent to do those hairstyles

Theyre so gorgeous wow

Aww. I'd do this if I still had my long hair!

So pretty and love the colour.

I love the top braid it's so pretty. I could see this on my girls however I don't think I could replicate this look, a good job for the hairdresser lol.

Braided and Blondes IG video's are quite addictive to watch... Sadly I've never had really long hair to be able to even attempt these, but they are beautiful!

I love the braided looks you can do, sadly im terrible at anything other than the single braid, and thats not the fancy French kind either.

The top one is incredible! How do people have talent like this!!

Stunning for long hair ladies

I'm not sure how I feel actually. I don't love or hate it.


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