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The 3 products that saved my blonde hair in lockdown!

9 May, 2020 - 11:38am by - First Lady | 11 Comments

By BR Merilyn

It’s hard to run an independent beauty site and rave about products - at the back of the reader’s mind is…”but they’ve been paid to love it”, right?  So our team almost NEVER talk about our beauty experiences - if we want an opinion on a product we get you, our readers and members to tell us what's what.

But these are extraordinary times.  And as a salon blonde in the middle of a global pandemic I’ve had to resort to post-apocalyptic survival methods.  AKA.  Reading reviews then raiding the Supermarket Hair Colour Aisle.  It was here, in this unknown, un-Merilyned territory that I unearthed 3 products that have saved my blonde hair from the otherwise inevitable Hair-pocalypse.

  And to quote the youth of today.  I am shook.  Or to quote BR Natalie; I hath been shooketh. So much so,  it only seemed right to share the experience and let other salon blondes know it's ok to take the plunge.  So let's see what I found.


1. Elvive Purple Shampoo & Conditioner. 


About $20 for the pair.  Compared to Salon brands this seems very reasonable. But does it measure up?  Well...the shampoo is one of the most hydrating shampoos I’ve ever used and the conditioner leaves hair super-silky, but not fluffy.  But the most important thing - it toned my brassy, yellowed blonde back down to the silvery blonde look I love - so BIG tick here.



2. Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Anti Yellow Refresher Mousse 


I was nervous about this one.  I don't know what would be worse; messing up my desperately-in-need-of-toning hair, or 'fessing up to my hairdresser that I'd toned myself.

You apply it in the shower - it's basically a lilac mousse.  The pack comes with gloves, but as I'm now Merilyn the Wild, Forager of Supermarkets, I forwent the PPE.   There was no staining and it was easy to use and it perfectly toned the brass and blended the grey hairs. I felt myself breathe again...   

I bumped into two familiar faces on a supply run the day after using this and both complimented how good my hair was looking. Seriously?  Who doesn't love a DIY hair compliment?

Not convinced? I'm not alone.  Check out what other Kiwis think by reading reviews HERE!


3.  L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch in Blonde

Finally colour in a can.  I've seen the infomercials for hair in a can, and really what good could ever come from spray on hair?  However...thankfully, it turns out spraying your roots is a much better idea than spraying your bald scalp.

This is really easy to use, the nozzle lets you be very targeted and the shade range means you're likely to find a match for your root-situation. 

This is great if you don't want to mess around with toning or colouring your hair, but rather want to disguise the obvious banding from regrowth.  It does go a little bit crusty like you've used hairspray, but not unbearably or noticably so. Oh, and don't just spray on the top, liift your hair up from the front and spray the roots underneath.

Want to know more? Check out what other users think by reading reviews HERE!

So, there we have it.  3 products that worked for me you can easily pick up with your groceries to save you from the Blonde Hairpocalypse.  Have you tried any of these before?  What did you think? 

Get chatting below!


**DISCLAIMER: No Merliyns were paid for this article or for DIY'ing her salon hair.  All experiences are real and opinions her own.  


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13th June, 2020

Absolutely love the Nordic blonde refresher toning mousse it's been my go to solution for over a year now when ever I feel like correcting tone it leaves my hair a nice cool ashy blonde without fail

27th May, 2020

I've tired the Elvive and the Nordic blonde products. They're pretty good.

27th May, 2020

Ooops, 'tried' I mean!

14th May, 2020

The purple shampoo smells and works great! Really like the smell!

13th May, 2020

I actually tried buying a can of the Loreal Magic Touch spray in the lightest blonde colour from Chemist Wharehouse online about 3 weeks ago to cover my dark roots but they couldn't supply it and everyone else online like The Wharehouse and Farmers were all sold out so I guess it must be pretty popular.I will keep a look out at the supermarket now as wasn't able to go there during level 4,3 lockdown due to underlying medical condition that I have.

12th May, 2020

I helped a lady at work. I recommended that purple shampoo to her. Last time I was blonde I was 14 years old.

12th May, 2020

It's awesome that there are supermarket options in times like these!

11th May, 2020

I wish some of these products had been around when I was blonde, I always had to use high end salon products to kick the brass to the curb. These sound much more wallet friendly.

10th May, 2020

I’ve tried the Nordic blonde mousse and really like it - I’m blending my greys with my strawberry blonde colour (courtesy of a fading light brown semi permanent from 3 months ago) and it’s doing a nice job easing me into my new natural look as I grow the colour out and embrace the new natural growth.

10th May, 2020

I've tried Nordic Blonde and Elvive. I liked them both.

9th May, 2020

I've got my eye on the magic retouch in the beauty vault actually!

9th May, 2020

Very intrigued to try these!

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