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Beauty Jobs That Are Gross, But Are Also The Most.

29 March, 2021 - 05:58am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

Confession time! While we like to pretend we're tea-sipping ladies who cock our little fingers in the air whilst supping, the truth is... we aren't. Not by a long shot. Especially when it comes to all things beauty. We like to get down and dirty. Picking out belly fluff? Glorious. Inspecting ear wax after a good cotton-budding? Delightful.

After a quick quizzing of those we love the most, it turns out we're not the only people who enjoy the icky side of beauty. Click out now if you're squeamish!!!

Popping a spot and admiring the gunk.

We know you shouldn't. We know WE shouldn't. But every now and then a whitehead or blackhead comes along that begs for a poke and a prod. No way can we reject a look at the ejection. 

As for ear wax?

Same same! The bigger, the goopier, the more satisfying it is to flick it out of one's ear.

Tweezing out an ingrown hair and tweezing... and tweezing... and...

Secretly loving how long the hair is, and marvelling at the hidden wonders of our body!

Peeling off a pimple patch.

There's nothing like bringing it in close and inspecting all the oil and pus that's come out. Bonus points for any core-like debris.

Scratching your heels after a swim, bath or shower...

And feeling a huge amount of satisfaction at the clumps of dead skin falling off. (Not do be done in a public space. That's not the gross we love the most, it's just gross.)

Declogging your shower drain.

...and wondering how you could a) have enough hair that it looks like you've pulled out a small rodent and b) being amazed that there's any hair left on your head.

So, blessed beauties, did a shiver of disgust just rattle down your spine? Or were you secretly nodding and smiling, recognising yourself in the truth of others? And what, if you dare to share, icky beauty jobs do you secretly get great pleasure from?

Chat away below...


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5th April, 2021

The shower drain is my most hated task in the house ! The things I’ve found in there make me dispise my family lol (I won’t share what I found ) but it makes me heave every week lol

31st March, 2021

Secretly nodding to pimples. Declogging the shower drain makes me sick lol

31st March, 2021

Yick. None of the above ...I do get a weird thrill from untangling my hair from the lux though lol

30th March, 2021

Ive just recently started using pimple patches and I admit I’m definitely guilty of doing this!

30th March, 2021

I’m OBSESSED with blackheads. Sorry I know that’s gross but if I spot one during the day I so look forward to getting home and squeezing that baby. As for pore strips, well I’m never without them

30th March, 2021

I reckon squeezing a pimple has to be one of the most satisfying things in the world. Oh, and tweezing an ingrown hair too. Watching with joyous horror as it unfurls... Yeah baby. Also love cleaning out my ears with a bud (such a no-no, I know, but I can't help myself). And when I was a sun bunny, I loved peeling my burnt skin off. All so profoundly, embarrassingly satisfying. Nice to know I'm not the only ick-addict. But unclogging the shower drain? That's pure vomit-inducing imho. My husband and I do rock, paper, scissors to decide whose turn it is to face the drain-gerbil.

30th March, 2021

Eeew maybe I am just a tea sipping cocking my little finger in the air gal or maybe just plain old fashioned but all the above sound plain yukky.

29th March, 2021

Popping a zit yes hate seeing them especially on my face, The shower drain makes me want to throw up. Peeling off a pimple patch? Is it one of those Biore blackhead remover sheets for nose?

29th March, 2021

Lol ewwwwww! Omg the hair in the drain.....bleugh!

29th March, 2021

Peeling dead sunburnt skin - so so good! Love hooking out ingrown hairs too

29th March, 2021

I hateee unclogging the shower drain it makes me gag, but definitely relate to the ingrown hair thing.

29th March, 2021

Ear wax! So satisfying for me..

29th March, 2021

Relate for the ear wax thing, everything else on the list eww no lol.