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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

6 Easy Ways to Embrace Ageing and Look Great!

13 May, 2018 - 06:18pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Kellie

You know what I'm loving? Getting older. Often on Twitter I see people freaking out about getting nearer the big three-oh, or the big four-oh, but it's never bothered me. Not one iota. Perhaps this is because my whole life I feel I've been surrounded by women who are as wise as they are funny, as smart as they are kind. Women who are thoughtful, inquisitive, straight-up, strong, brave... A number hasn't stopped them from being who they want to be. Hasn't put a halt on them achieving what they set out to do.

Without saying a word, these women taught me a number was nothing to fear. That if anything, time brought with it a contentedness that certainly eluded me in my teens and twenties. They also taught me that beauty isn't what you see on the outside. That beauty is radiated from the inside out. It's in your smile. It's in your actions. It's in how you view the world and treat those in it.

They also taught me that beauty is in how you treat yourself. Treat yourself well, and it shows.

So it got me thinking... what are the key things I see the women I admire doing that is good for themselves? That sees them looking beautiful from the inside out? Read on...

If you don't use it, you lose it. 

Moving your body keeps things ticking over nicely. That doesn't mean we need to be running marathons, but a half hour walk every day will help muscle tone, keep everything pumping, and it's great for clearing the head of any mucky thoughts. You could also try gardening, cycling, bush walks, or hit the water on a SUP. If you're moving, you're grooving! 


Drink it. There's some contention over whether you need the full eight glasses a day, but in a nutshell the studies and opinions of health professionals I’ve read say, if you're feeling thirsty it’s time to drink a glass of water. If your pee is of a dark shade, it’s time to drink some water. If you find water by itself boring, add some mint leaves and lemon slices to a jug of the old H20 and drink from that, or sip on your favourite herbal tea. 

Eat Well.

And by eating well I don't mean going full chia seed-loving, probiotic-everything, 'only organic food will pass my lips' obsessed, I mean eat to your body's needs. Listen to how your body responds to the food you put in it. Be mindful, pay attention, and adjust your food intake accordingly. Love treats? Great! But keep them in moderation. (Of course, if you have a health/food-related issue, or think you might, always visit a health professional.)

A good night's sleep...

is key to waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed. But, let's be honest, we can go to bed at 9.30 with the best intentions of getting eight solid hours, but then our mind gets cranking the moment our head hits the pillow and next think you know it's 2am and you're dreading your 6am alarm going off. OR you get to sleep easily enough but 2am comes and BANG, you're awake, tossing and turning for a few hours before you drift off again. There are a few things we can do to promote a good night's sleep. Taking magnesium regularly is one of them (talk to a health professional first).  Spritzing pillows with a lavender spray can help. Some women I know swear by meditation apps for helping them dump what's in their head before going to bed. Avoiding screens or televisions in the bedroom is recommended. It's also recommended that we keep a sleep routine. As much as you can, go to bed and wake at the same time - yes, that might mean ditching the weekend sleep-in, but you'll feel and look better for it in the long run.

A topical application...

Even as a tracksuit-wearing tom boy, the contents of a vanity or duchess held a fascination. I loved seeing the pretties displayed in all their finery. One thing I noticed as I grew up was that those who took care of themselves on the inside, also took care of themselves on the outside - and that meant having a good skincare regime. That didn't mean they used oceans of lotions and potions, but I would note a moisturiser and an eye cream sitting on their vanity. Sometimes a toner. And a cleanser might have been found in the bathroom, or just a good old flannel. This clearly impacted upon me as I began a skincare ritual from a young age, and continue to layer products upon my skin religiously. What I love about skincare, and about treating yourself well in general, is that it's never too late to start. For example, we recently sent the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift regime out to members to trial. This range is targeted at those 35+ and the results were fantastic, with the regime and its individual day and night creams and eye cream receiving Top Rated status, and members saying they found the range softened fine lines and left their skin feeling smooth and firm. What stood out for me is that the range would make a great starting point for those who are ready to step into skincare, but are intimidated by all the essences, serums and oils out there that make skincare seems like a scary set of steps!

Show your teeth.

Last, but not least. Never least. Actually, out of everything I think it's the one thing we should do most to shine our beauty from the inside out - and that's smile. A bright, open, happy smile welcomes joy, friendship and love into our lives - and that I believe is a massive part of what keeps you young whatever your actual age.

So, do tell, my beauties... what are your tips for keeping yourself youthful, whatever your age? What have those around you taught you? What will you be hoping to pass onto those around you? Sharing is caring... 


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Just turned 30 and I’m scared of ageing. After 7 yrs together with my man, he looks better with every year that passes and I keep decomposing slowly... :/

I take supplements, and I'm convinced that helps.

Oh and doing yoga and other stretching helps. Limping around with a bent back doesn't trick anyone into believing you're young!

13th May, 2018 at 6:24 pm

I take supplements too and swear by them :)

16th May, 2018 at 1:14 pm

All of these are greats, but I also think natural masks and serums help as well as good amount of exercising

Laughter! I love being silly and laughter keeps us youthful and happy! I eat well, but definitely lack in the sleep area which can disturb everything.

Yes I've heard that laughter is great for the soul as well

14th May, 2018 at 3:16 pm

For sure! Laughter is great medicine!

14th May, 2018 at 8:02 pm

I’ve been slacking with skincare lately. I’m not sure why. I’d love to be on this trial. The lines are freaking me out :0 So many now

Being positive also helps -If you look at your world as cup half full you are open to enjoy rateher than negate so you are more likely to laugh which is much more youthful.

Yes! Totally agree :)

14th May, 2018 at 8:40 am

Yes love this. Taken me a while to get use to the skin I'm in after having kids but things pop up in life and I'm reminded that I'm so lucky and have to appreciate what I've got.

Yes having childrem is a reall buzz ( hard work too of course ) but I can remember looking at my git=rls and feeling so very lucky.

15th May, 2018 at 12:30 pm

I was trying to look after my skin but I have been a bit slack on the water and eating a bit better at the moment so need to get back into that. I take over 35000 steps per day at work but it's not constant enough to keep my heart rate going for us I might be nice and slim haha I've always been a big believer and smiling and that laughter is good for the soul :-)

The older I get, the easier I have found it to shrug off the stupid things (or people!) that cross your path... If you shrug off the small stuff, that's less frown lines, and more happy/laugh lines - and they're beautiful! A smile is always in fashion. And a good night cream - in my 40's my skin loves my love for night cream!

I’ve alway looked after my skin since my early twenties, and always been health conscious making sure I drink a lot of water, and eat well. I do wonder if genetics play into how someone will age also. If I’m being totally honest having worked in the beauty industry can make you to some degree hyper aware of aging and have babbled in Botox.

Such great tips to bear in mind!

A good sense of humour certainly helps. I work with a few elderly customers and the ones who have a sense of humour... it seems to give them a more youthful aura. Embracing change, or not being too cautious about change helps too.

Yes I totally agree. Change can be so good and laughter a blessing.

15th May, 2018 at 12:31 pm

Organic, try going organic and eating super greens reds and anything antioxidant. Organic foods are free of all the chemical toxin sprays, such as roundup, pesticides, fungicides and other carcinogenic sprays. Would you eat roundup? Because you are if your not eating organic, washing the fruit and veges doesn't get it off either...It's not only anti ageing it's sustainable and good for the earth and environment. If you care about the planet you'll go organic....

Nice - and agree with you Demi :)

17th May, 2018 at 4:05 pm

Sunscreen. The sooner you start the better. I wish I had applied the amount I needed to apply to get a decent spf when I was in my teens. I use a little bit of spf but not much and sheered out it was probably like ten minutes of spf for every 3 or 4 hours or the whole day. Taking off your makeup before you hit the sack plays a role. Using anti-ageing ingredients at night like skincare acids and retinol/retinoids makes a difference. Extra servings of raw greens and fruit in your diet makes a huge difference my parents are minimalists to nothing when it comes to skincare but no one meeting them guesses their age correctly thanks to their diet rich in vegetables and fruit.

Excellent advice BR team.I also believe that wearing what makes you happy is another way of staying youthful.


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