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Beauty blogger FAQs

18 April, 2015 - 11:41am by - BR-Queenie | 3 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Are you a Beauty Blogger?  Then Beauty Review just became even more invaluable to you!

By simply submitting your blog URL you can connect your blog with hundreds of thousands of beauty lovers every month - sound good?  Read on for your questions answered!

How do I connect my blog?

You can connect your blog by simply filling out the Suggest A Blog form.  All it takes is your name, email address and blog url.

What happens when I submit my blog?

If your blog is approved by our editorial team, every blog post will be pulled through into our blog feed.  Our sophisticated keyword system will also allow your blog posts to feature in our Blog Categories and be pulled through to our Review Database pages, in the Related Blogs section for each category - which means even more chance of your blog being discovered!

Is there a catch?

How could you ask us that?!  There's no catch - our Bloggers Section is completely free of charge.  We wouldn't have it any other way!

But won't I be giving up traffic to my blog?

No!  Other than a brief excerpt of your posts, no material from your blog is hosted on our site.  To read the blog post members are taken to your blog - which if anything means more traffic for you :)

What criteria does my blog have to meet?

Well, being a beauty site, it might not surprise you to know you'll need to be a beauty blogger - that is your blog will need to be beauty-centric to be approved.  Hair, nails, salon, cosmetics, skincare, it doesn't matter what area of beauty your blog is focused on, it just needs to be beauty related.

Now we ourselves occasionally write about non-beauty topics, so we've set the general rule of thumb that blogs must be a minimum of 95% beauty related posts.

Other things we'll consider are:

  • How well written your blog is.  We hold our reviewers to a high standard, and we believe that standard should carry across the whole site.
  • The quality of your photos.  We appreciate not everyone is going to have a top of the range camera, but try to ensure your photos are well lit, and well shot.

Does it matter how many followers I have?

Nope, not at all.  Whether you're an established blogger or are just starting out, if your blog meets to our approval we'll happily feature it!

Do I have to be based in New Zealand?

No, our blogger's feature is available to bloggers worldwide.

Can I suggest a blog that's not my own?

You sure can - just pop YOUR name and email address into the Suggest a Blog form followed by the URL of your favourite blog

Do you have any tips for beauty bloggers?

Yes!  Check out this article to find out the Dos and Don'ts of Beauty Blogging.

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Hi BR,

Just wondered is there any way we may be able to easily identify the overseas blogs vs the local ones? I'm all good for great info about stuff that may have been released elsewhere but not here yet and reviews to go through before they're launched, and even then not all products sold overseas are end up being available here in NZ (in which case I'd have to research finding it on amazon etc) Also the overseas blogs feature info on where to find the products in their part of the world which is great for those in the region but not necessarily useful to me here in NZ if I want to go find it.

I've always wanted to blog. Not just beauty related but other things in life. If you've haven't noticed i have alot to say in& comments aren't really the place for me as its often character sized which I exceed

I would love to start a blog! What would be the best way to start one up? Xx


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