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Are your hands and nails in need of a bit of TLC?

25 October, 2020 - 04:47pm by - First Lady | 122 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Hands up - who has drier hands in 2020?  With a Pandemic seeing us reach for the hand wash and uber-drying hand sanitiser many times a day, most of us have suffered the ill-effect of this amped-up hygiene.  Dry hands.

Hands are one of the first body parts to show the signs of aging, dehydration and neglect.  The very making of our hands means they need an extra bit of attention to look after.  The skin on the top of our hands is very thin - meaning it can dry out quickly; whereas the skin on our palms is very thick meaning it takes a very rich moisturiser to penetrate.

And then of course, we have our nails to look after too!  Who doesn't want healthy cuticles and long, strong nails?!

Our latest trial product promises to look after our hands and nails - read on and put your hand up below!

The Revitanail Hand & Nail Cream is the perfect addition to your nail care routine for beautiful hands, healthy cuticles, and stronger longer nails. It's formulated with a host of enriching ingredients such as pure aloe, avocado oil and multi-vitamins to revitalise and provide much needed hydration after hands have been immersed in water, pearl extract to strengthen nails and condition skin and cuticles, and calcium to support and nourish the nails.

We think it sounds brilliant, but of course, it's not us that get to trial's 30 of you!  So if you fancy taking this for a whirl and reporting back, get chatting below telling us about the state of your hands and nails!

Are your hands and nails in need of a bit of TLC?

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8th November, 2020

Oh gosh yes my hands have been super dry this year and I absolutely hate the feeling! I would love to try a hand cream that will provide benefits to my nails too.

1st November, 2020

Mine are not too bad thankfully

30th October, 2020

I’m a vet nurse so wash my hands 100 times a day! The skin on my hands looks 100 years old and my nails and cuticles are scraggly. Help!

29th October, 2020

PLEASE let me try out this product, I wear gloves 40 hours a week for work and then do 4 hours of aerials on top of that, so my hands are RUINED. I would absolutely love to try this!

29th October, 2020

I have psoriasis so I neeeed cream for my hands constantly. I am always looking out for a moisturiser that helps and is value for money

29th October, 2020

My hands are in desperate need of this! I've always had dry hands but lately they've been next level. This sounds like the perfect solution!

29th October, 2020

Oh my word yes!!!!! Super super dry hands - this constant Covid handwashing, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising year has been crazy! My hands need some TLC and this product sounds like the perfect solution.

29th October, 2020

My hands are in an awful state at the moment! We are in the thick of renovating our home and all the wallpaper stripping and sanding has caused absolute havoc on my hands! My nails are usually quite brittle and often peel. This hand cream sounds like exactly what I am after!

29th October, 2020

My hands were dry and sore due to cracking with excessive washing (2 kids in nappies) before 2020 ... this year my hand cream use is up 100%. Even my 4 year olds hands are rough and red and look so sore

However my nails have been completely overlooked so this dual purpose cream would be amazing to try.

28th October, 2020

My poor hands are so dried out from constant washing and sanitising at school all day so are in need of some tender loving care. I have recently started growing my nails but they are not that strong so I've been putting a clear top coat on them to stop them from breaking. I think this hand cream would be perfect to try and strengthen my nails and moisturise my hands at the same time.

28th October, 2020

As a massage therapist/pastry chef, my hands are my tools. Thorough hand washing for protection and stop spread of germs is normal, but this year with the hand sanitiser at every stop had left my poor nails so brittle. I’d love to see if Revitanail could help restore them for Christmas.

28th October, 2020

I would looove to try this, with having to constantly wash or sanitize me hands they have become so dry and in need of some extra TLC so this seem very fitting with the added bonus of stronger finger nails, im soooo keen.

28th October, 2020

I would love to try this! I was a frontline essential worker during the lockdown so was constantly using hand sanitiser and my hands have still not recovered. I haven’t had this issue before and can’t get use to my hands being this dry. I would love to see if this helps!

28th October, 2020

I feel like my hands are always dry at the moment! Whenever the seasons change is the worst, but hand sanitizer over the last 6 months (while necessary) hasn’t helped matters! I’m also trying to grow out my nails so any assistance would be amazing!

28th October, 2020

I have dry cracking palms and nails that keep breaking I would love to try this please.


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