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Are You Up For Our 4 Week Nail Challenge?

1 October, 2017 - 09:46pm by - First Lady | 61 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie     

  • Do you regularly use nail extensions such as acrylics, Shellac or gel?
  • Are your nails exposed to harsh chemicals with everyday household chores?
  • Do you have weak, soft nails that don’t grow?
  • Do you suffer from brittle nails that break easily?
  • Do you suffer from dry, rough or overgrown cuticles?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, keep reading - we've got a fab review opportunity for you!

We've got our grippy little mitts on two Revitanail products that might just be the answer to your nail woes.

The Revitanail Nail Strengthener is the number one nail treatment product in NZ pharmacies.  It's enriched with calcium to strengthen and protect damaged nails.  The Revitanail Nourishing Oil repairs nails  using a blend of nourishing oils, herbal extracts and multi-vitamins. It contains a UV inhibitor to protect nails from harsh sunlight.  Vitamin A & E hydrate nails and cuticles and  bring them back to life.

Every member of this trial team will receive both the Revitanail Nail Strengthener and the Revitanail Nourishing Oil to use simultaneously for 28 days.  We want to find out just how different your nails look after four weeks so if you're invited onto this trial team you'll need to keep a diary of your results on a weekly basis, with weekly photos of your hands and nails.   

Will your nails be longer, stronger and more healthy?  Will they?!  Lets find out!

If you're keen to join this review panel, chat to us below about your nails and hands.  What would you like to improve on them?  Do you try to look after your hands or do you use and abuse them?  Are you up for taking weekly photos and uploading them to the Photowall?  

Are You Up For Our 4 Week Nail Challenge?

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Over the last few years my nails have been so dry and break easily. I love to paint my nails but short nails don't suit all colors and I like a bit of length to them. I would really like to be part of this trial to get my nails back into tip top shape. I have used revitanail before and loved it. Happy to take photos.

My nails just won't grow as they are so brittle! I've tried many strengthening formulas formulas that just don't seem to work on my nails - yet! I miss painting my nails and having them painted for more than half a day. My nails just bend to easily when wearing nail polish so it causes them to chip. I'd love to give this one a go and see if it works!!!

Oh man! I've been trying for so long to grow my nails to a decent length! They'll grow a small amount, then snap off :( I have a deal with myself that when I can grow them to an nice length and maintain them, I'll get shellac/gel done! But so far (over a year now) I have failed :(

My nails break so easy and I’m sure it because of shellac and them always being in water or oil and the chemicals from cleaners

My nails are super thin, bend, break and peel. Try to take care of them but gardening and chores doesn't help, have been trying to grow my nails out for years :( Would love to trial the revitanail nail strengthener and nourishing oil!! Am happy to take weekly photos and upload :)

I wear acrylics all the time, took them off the other day as I am going in for surgery, omg my nails are so short and soft, they look terrible, as they start to grow the nail is so soft they split, I look like a short nail bitter but I'm not, I'm in such a hurry to get my acrylics back on as I don't want anyone to see my nails, be awesome to take the 28 day challenge to see if they improve.

My nails need all the help they can get! Every time I get some length on them I end up snagging them. I would happily keep a photo diary to see what results I can get with these products.

My nails are very sad. I don't fit the first criteria as I don't regularly use acrylics, shellac, or gel, but I do fit all the other ones. My nails are weakened from housework even when I wear gloves. My nails are weak and soft. They grow, but they snap off really easily and they peel too. My cuticles get dry and long, and I have to trim them once a week. Both my nails and my cuticles are rough and dry. Would be happy to post photos if I am chosen for this trial.

Yes please! My nails have been splitting so easily. They grow at a normal speed but they seem to split, break, get those white lines, streaks and layers. They dry out really easily this happens despite me wearing gloves while I do the dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc. I would love to trial this and see if I can get and sustain 10 long fingernails and have them stronger, healthier and without any splitting. I'll even take weekly pics and upload them.

Also my cuticles seem overgrown and I can't push them back because the overgrowth is stuck to the nail and won't move. I would like to be able to at least push them back so my manicure looks better when I do paint my nails.

2nd October, 2017 at 12:17 am

yes my cuticles are the same -only my thumb nails show the moons

2nd October, 2017 at 7:11 am

I have large nail beds. Damaged from wearing acrylics, they are soft and brittle. If they do grow they break. I have tried hand cream that claims it will strengthen my nails but it absolutely did not. I'm hoping for a miracle. Weekly photos we be taken and a solid review.

My nails are always brittle and breaking and I fing gardening even though I wear gloves damages my nails and cuticles

I mean't I find gardening not fing sorry

2nd October, 2017 at 7:11 am

I'm totally up for this - and I already have both products so I might just do this 'challenge' - I've been in a bit of a slump of late and my nails are in terrible condition so I need to break out of hibernation and get myself looking a bit more groomed!

Not the only one Ringy. winter seems to have gotten my bad habits back with a vengeance, but it is a new month and I might start getting these under control

4th October, 2017 at 12:03 am

My nails are pretty healthy! They could probably do with having less time with polish on them, but other than that no worries. Excited to see the results from the ladies who get picked! :)

I am currently trying to grow my nails out long and strong, however, they tend to peel and split as I used to have acrylic nails which totally wreaked havoc on my nails. Whenever I grow my nails to a decent length, they become split and get snagged on clothing and the likes. My hands also get quite dry, meaning that my cuticles get flaky and overgrown often. Would love to trial this and take weekly photos of my progress!

Oh this is right up my alley! I used to use acrylics and they decimated my nails so haven't gone back to them. Also those glue on nails are no good. So now I only use nail polish, but I am a regular wearer, changing my nail colour every week. I have brittle nails that peel and break. This would be an awesome opportunity to be on this trial team. I also take weekly nail pics this won't be a problem.


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