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Are You Still Looking For a Micellar That Works For You?

24 February, 2019 - 11:30am by - First Lady | 160 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Out of all of the facial skin care products on the market, I reckon cleansers are the hardest to choose.  I seldom think twice about slapping a new moisturiser or serum on my face, yet I approach cleansing products with caution and suspicion.  Cleansers just seem to be more of a 'risk'.  They can be too drying, too harsh.  Too irritating.  Too abrasive.  They can unbalance the skin by stripping the natural oils.  Then of course if they're too gentle, they're ineffective and you end up having to use a bit of elbow grease to get the job done, risking skin damage in a whole different way.  

I have a pretty laid back attitude towards my skin care routine - I like it quick and I like it simple.  Which is probably why I adore Micellar Water as a cleanser.  It's gentle but effective and it's so quick and easy to use. - apply to a cotton cloth and wipe.  No rinsing required.  When Garnier Micellar finally hit our shores, we could sense a cleansing revolution beginning, people were all for this one-step cleanse.

But, of course, Micellar Water wasn't for everyone.  And so those clever beauty scientists put their thinking caps on and have been coming up with super-smart ways for all different skin types to enjoy the gentle, but effective, dirt-magnet micelles that make Micellar Water so great.

We're putting the brand spanking new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water to the test.  This is an efficient, fast and easy to use cleanser that removes make-up, impurities and pollution while hydrating and comforting dry and sensitive skin in one step.  It's the first time that the Micellar technology has been presented in a milky texture - it promises a reduced feeling of post-cleanse tightness, and no greasy or sticky finish.

Fancy reviewing this for us?  Get chatting to us about your experiences with Micellar Water - are you a fan?  Do you find it difficult to find the right cleanser for you?  

Talk to us below - we might send you one of these to review.  For free!

Are You Still Looking For a Micellar That Works For You?

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8th May, 2019

I personally think that micellar water is really handy and doesn't take much effort to remove make up. It also doesn't feel like it's filled with a lot of unnecessary chemicals. I think it's really important to remove all of your make up off at the end of the day to keep your skin glowing. I would love to review this GARNIER micellar water!

6th May, 2019

Great makeup remover for sensitive skin. I prefer long wear makeup but it’s always tough to remove. This product takes it off easily.

28th April, 2019

I like the ease of taking off my makeup before bed with micellar water, for me I can't be bothered washing my face at the end of the day and micellar water ensures I take my make up off and have a clean face for bed. I havent tried the garnier ones yet , I have been using a no name brand form the chemist warehouse for sensitive skin , it seemed to be ok but my rosacea is a lot redder - I would be keen to see if Garnier will be my new go to?

13th April, 2019

I used to use Micellar water as I found it worked so well to just wipe away my makeup but as time has progressed I've noticed my skin doesn't like it anymore and it tends to burn a bit, turns out my skin is a lot more sensitive than it used to be. I would love to get back into using Micellar water as it used to be my go to.

27th March, 2019

Garner already does a good micellar so it would be good to compare. Removing makeup is an annoying job that has to be done daily so anything that makes it easier is always welcomed.

21st March, 2019

I would love to try this oh my gosh may b the answer I have been looking for!!!

18th March, 2019

I Would love to try this as I currently find most micellar waters leave a film on my skin and I usually have to buy a seperate eye make remover so it would be great to try an all in one product and see how well it works !

18th March, 2019

i would gladly like to try this Micellar product and test it and review it for fellow BR users as the Garnier range is a well known brand and one that i like and have used alot in the past.. So I would love the chance to review this.

14th March, 2019

I can’t wait to read the reviews for this .

10th March, 2019

I have been using a few micellar products over the last few years but am yet to find my perfect match. My skin needs have changed so much since having my son last year. I do feel as though I am much more sensitive than I used to be and need a product to help with this. I would love to try the new milky version of micellar, as it sounds perfect for my skin needs.

8th March, 2019

Love quick and easy cleansing - currently using various wipes and feeling somewhat guilty re waste and the planet -so Micellar Water sounds the perfect answer

7th March, 2019

I have dry and sensitive skin, so would love to try this Micellar Water out. I have previously used Garnier products before, including their BB Cream and the normal Micellar Water, and find that this is generally a good brand.


6th March, 2019

I am currently using the Garnier SkinActive - PureActive Micellar cleansing water and out of all the Micellar waters I have tried to date this is my favourite. Although I do want to rinse my face with water after using it. Hence why I would be very keen to try their Cleansing Milky Water. If they have created a Micellar Water that removes my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh with no residue then I definitely want to be a part of this experience.

6th March, 2019

This product is fantastic ; especially for sensitive and great for taking off waterproof mascara and long lasting makeup with out irritating the skin

5th March, 2019

I'd love to try this. I wear makeup every day, so I'm always on the look out for new ways of removing my makeup, without irritating my skin.