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Are You Showing Your Girls The Love?

8 May, 2022 - 02:49pm by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

by BR Tabatha

I bent over the other day. No big deal. I bend over a lot. To pick something up off the floor, or while doing aforward fold in yoga. But what I don't usually do when I bend over is pay attention to my lady lumps. In fact, it's safe to say that usually my boobs don't get any attention paid to them pretty much at all... and it shows.

I hate to shame my boobs, but they're no longer the perky pair they once were. The skin is crepe-y, and the elasticity is that of a rubber band that's been stretched one too many times. If I were to describe them it would be like two semi-deflated balloons.

Are they still beautiful? Damn straight they are! All boobs are beautiful! Whatever their shape, size or age, they're glorious! Glad I have them. Feel lucky for it. But it got me thinking... I spend a goodly amount of time caring for the rest of my bod, but my boobies get ignored. Which hardly seems fair. So how can we - well, let's be honest, me - look after our girls and show them the adoration they deserve? Read on...


Do we need to get too crazy with the skincare when it comes to our breasts? Not so much. However, a good cleanse with a puff and squirt of body wash will keep the area clean while removing dead skin cells. Following that up with a moisturiser or oil will keeping the area hydrated and plumped (it'll help deal to those sleep creases that can appear in the area, too!).

More importantly, don't forget to apply sunscreen to the bits of your boobs that'll be seeing the sun as the sun's UV rays can contribute to the elastin and collagen in your skin breaking down, which can result in premature sagging. 


Want your lady lumps to stay perkalicious? Hit the floor and give me twenty! Technically exercise can't help your actual breasts become perkier, but strengthening the pectoral muscles underneath can help give them a boost. The best exercises for your pecs? Press ups, plank shoulder taps, and chest presses.

The Right Bra.

While some people are comfortable free-boobing it, I like to wear a bra for support. And to stop myself being knocked out when I run from the car to the house/shops/cafe when it rains. The thing is though, it's important that you wear the right bra, as the wrong bra can cause all sorts of extra lumps and bumps to appear (think double boobs and back bulges). Want to know if you're wearing the wrong bra? Check out this article, and if any of it rings true, book yourself in for a bra fitting at a good department store or bra specialist. Your mammaries will look all the more magnificent for it!

Check Yourself

Taking the time every month to give yourself a breast check is the ultimate show of love to not just your girls, but to yourself. If you haven't started, there's no better time than now, because the more intimately you get to know your breasts, the easier it is to know if anything's going awry. Not sure how to go about a breast check? Check out The Breast Cancer Foundation's website, which can help you get a feel for the process. 

So, do you look after your lady lumps? Or do you tend to ignore them? And will you make more of an effort to show them some love now? Chat below!



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4th July, 2022

I should really get into the habit of regular checking!

22nd May, 2022

I'm rubbish at the moisturising and checking... Thanks for the reminder!

14th May, 2022

Um I just shower and ignore everything ..

14th May, 2022

I get frustrated because I always wanted bigger boobs when I was young but now I'd trade my bust to be thinner again with smaller ones. I do put sunscreen on the top of them now in summer

11th May, 2022

You know I miss that Breast cream . I’ve forgotten the brand name of it . It was good too.

10th May, 2022

Don't really check mine like l should , l know , so good for reminder , l do apply cream or sun screen when out side, thanks for great article

10th May, 2022

I give mine a good body wash every day lol. I'm breastfeeding so I guess I pay mine more attention than usual because they are always out and they are quite glorious right now lol

9th May, 2022

I think we could all do a better job of checking - I'm going to put a note in my calendar to remind me now!

9th May, 2022

Wash and moisturise yes. Bra check...80% confident it's the right size.


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