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The Very Best Disney Beauty Products...for Grown Ups!

13 March, 2018 - 09:16pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Kellie

Disney Princesses. My post-child life is one long parade of Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Cinderella... you get the picture. Costumes are flaunted before my eyes. Songs are sung on repeat. And no matter how hard I try I can't just 'let it go'. And nor do I want to. What I want to do is get amongst it! And now I can... you can... we all can! Because Disney has joined the world of beauty and we are here for it!

Recently BR Nat pointed me in the direction of Mad Beauty, a company that creates Disney beauty products that had our inner-princesses going 'gimme gimme gimme!'...*cough* Er, I mean 'why yes, we fair maidens would delight in owning these wonderful pieces.'

Seriously though. Would you check out that makeup head band? It's so CUTE! And PINK! and GOLD! I'd have to fight my daughter for it... and I would. And I would win. 

Mad Beauty has also brought out a selection of Disney Princess-inspired sheet masks, each featuing a Disney-themed pattern on the mask itself - cute! I don't know what cucumber has to do with Ariel (sea cucumber?) but the mask promises to cool, hydrate and moisturise the skin, and Lord knows that passionate princess probably needed to chill out a few times during her journey. The Aurora Face mask features lavender - perfectly matched since lavender's known for sending one off to the land of nod. Belle's mask features... you guessed it, rose water. And Jasmine's has green tea - which I assume is a nod to Jasmine-infused green tea?... I don't know, I'm guessing. Either way these masks sound fit for a queen!

In the mood to be right royally relaxed? Throw a few Beauty and the Beast Rose Bath Petals into your bath, allow its rose-scent to infuse the water and fragrance the air, then climb in, and let your beast of a day be erased by the beauty of the scent. 

While Mad Beauty do ship to New Zealand, we do know that sometimes people (us included) like to buy local whenever possible. So we sussed out some Disney beauty goodies that you can easily get your hands on.

Every good princess needs an evil adversary, and if we're honest sometimes it's the bad guys and gals that we love most! Embrace you inner baddie with this Loungefly Disney Cosmetic Bag from Mighty Ape. 

If your hair's as long as a Disney princesses you're going to need a serious brush. And if that brush has a princesses face on it there'll be no disputing who it belongs to. Lucky for you, Tangle Teezer have brought out a line featuring the Dis-Prins - including Anna and Elsa as above, and there's a pink sparkly version that comes with stickers so you can personalise the look of your brush. 

Here's one the grownups and the little ones can share. A bath bomb that once fizzes away reveals a Disney princess trinket. You get to chill out in the bath, they get a cute thing to keep them occupied. It's a win/win.

What a magical time to be alive!

So... Is your inner princess going all heart eyes? Will you be opening the royal purse strings for these delightful Disney-inspired beauty products? Or are you happy to let it go? Chat away!

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The rose bath petals look nice...

"they get a cute thing to keep them occupied". Um, excuse me I will be taking the Disney trinket for myself thank you very much hahaha

Disney is my absolute life. I love even the most gimmicky Disney treats so am totally on board with all of these!

I am not a huge fan. My 16yo niece however would love it all.

I am happy to let it go . The rose petals would be the only product that would interest me. Some of the products like the bath bomb my grandchildren may enjoy.

I want the hair band. right MEOW !!!! *heart eyes*

Some of these are so cute...I have a little girl that would love most of these!!

Omg my little girl Avalon would love these (and me too ha ha ha) eek, need to hunt these down.

How awesome! I love that makeup head band!

I don't usually go for Disney themed things, but I will be investigating that cosmetics bag further...

If a perfume bottle came in the shape of the petals - that would be one beautiful bottle!

If I had a little one I'd buy those trinket bath bombs. But the rose petals or the hairband appeal most to me.

They look nice but not interested in purchasing.

Oh my, that makeup head band is ADORABLE! How to make washing your face fun!!

I purchase based on functionality rather than movie themes but the bath petals looks pretty. If the container is refillable it will look pretty on a bathroom shelf.


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