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Are You Ready To Embrace Your Dark Side?

5 September, 2017 - 09:29pm by - Head Pixie | 23 Comments

By BR Tabatha

The beauty world, on the whole, is a world of colour - from pretty pastels to bold brights. Sizzling red lips are teamed with shimmering champagne eyes. A neutral nude politely sits alongside a warm-toned sunset-inspired eye. It's all beautiful, it's all wonderful, but sometimes a girl's gotta get her dark side on. I love a smokey eye. A deep lip. And one can't go wrong with a classic black wing with lashings of black mascara. Of course choosing to walk on the dark side can be a little confronting for some... it's a look that requires a bit of attitude. But it's a look we can all do... even if it's just a case of dipping a black-painted toe into the water. 

In a world of candyfloss pinks and ruby reds a black polish can elevate a nail look. It takes you from sassy to serious, from fabulous to fierce. It's a subtle step into the world of black beauty, yet it provides a small shock of surprise to those who notice the colour on your nails. Chic when painted on a square or rounded nail, but when teamed with a pointy tip? You're saying you're a woman who is ready to take on the world.

While a dark smokey eye is traditionally a night time theme, we can't help but think it should be rocked anytime, anywhere. Well, maybe not at the pool if you're going to be swimming, because that would lead to a Frankenfurter at the end of Rocky Horror after he's taken a dip look - and that's a look probably best avoided. BUT any other time a smokey look is sure to get the world gasping 'wow'. Also, how gorgeous is the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Scorpio? It demands to be worn.

Black lipstick can be striking. It can say 'don't mess with me', 'I'm strong and fabulous, hear me roar', it can even say 'I'm yours, but only for as long as I feel like it'. It's an empowering statement look, and perhaps not one that many would feel confident in trying - or happy to splash some serious cash on in case they found the look wasn't for them. Luckily BYS has a black lipstick for less than a tenner - so you can see if you're brave enough to pull off the look from the comfort of home before stepping out and rocking it.

While not strictly black in shade - The Black Lace Rabbit Blush from Lipstick Queen is too magical not to mention. Black and shimmery in the pan, you apply it to your cheeks and it transforms into a berry shade with a hint of glow. Best of all, it's available from Mecca - although at the time of writing it wasn't available from their online store. I'll certainly be checking back!


The best bit about makeup? It washes off. Which means if one of the above looks isn't for you it's not a biggie. BUT in the spirit of going dark side, we can't help but think the shimmery black Galactic Cleanse from GlamGlow would be the perfect cleanser to wash away your dark day. And how cool is the packaging? Bring it to New Zealand, I want to give you my money already.

So do tell... are you one to embrace your dark side? Are you yet to try black nail polish or a black lip? Are you brave enough? Or are you happy to stay on the rainbow-coloured side of the beauty tracks? Get chatting!



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13th September, 2017

I LOVE my dark make-up some days especially a lovely dark lip and polish. It lets out my inner rock/grunge chick when I have had to play polite corporate girl all week. I have to say though I am interested in the Black lace Rabbit that a dark coloured blusher?....Im not sure I would enjoy that so much!

12th September, 2017

I like the concept of wearing darker shades like above but I can never pull it off, I am super pale so it doesn't flatter me sadly.

11th September, 2017

Love these! Not sure I'll try much more than a black nail, but mainly because I don't get out much these days! ;)

10th September, 2017

Hmm I'm not a fan of all the black, too much goth for me

10th September, 2017

Maybe for a Halloween make up look? But not for me!

9th September, 2017

Yes! A look that I would be willing to try. I love it. I'd probably find a way to munt the eyeshadow though and look like a raccon

7th September, 2017

Been there, done that, a few years ago now! Not sure if I could pull it off these days though :)

7th September, 2017

Yeah its all cool .

7th September, 2017

I like to use dark colours every now and then for sure!

6th September, 2017

Wow, that looks amazing. I am brave enough to do the nail polish and the smokey eyes. But not brave enough for the black lipstick. In fact I do the smokey eyes sometimes on a night out.

6th September, 2017

I think some people could pull it off very well, but I'm not one of them - too old and too pale :)

6th September, 2017

Galactic cleanse looks so awesome!! Guessing it'll have charcoal in it to make it black?

6th September, 2017

I already do embrace my dark side (and my rainbow side as well).

6th September, 2017

When it comes to black in my makeup it stays to my eyeliner and mascara. I have worn black nail polish before but I'm not fond of the look plus chips show up so much with black.

6th September, 2017

I've worn black makeup before...nails..Smokey eyes but never lipstick....


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