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Are You Nuts About Coconuts?!

27 June, 2018 - 09:39pm by - First Lady | 41 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Tropical islands.  Umbrella drinks.  Bounty bars.

I love coconuts.  If there is a flavour or scent option of coconut, it's what I'm going for.  Every.  Single.  Time.

If you're like me then this very special trial opportunity is going to shake your coconut tree.  

We're looking for reviewers to put a new hair care range to the test.  Each reviewer will receive FOUR full sized products, all containing the incredible coconut oil.  

We need to make sure we're sending it out to the right reviewers, so if you're up for some coconut-ty hair fun then you need to take our super quick survey and tell us your hair type.  It's that easy to put your hand up!

Click here to take our survey and tell us about your hair type - you might land a spot on this fabulous trial team!

Are You Nuts About Coconuts?!

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21st July, 2018

Coconut is one of my absolute favorite scents...I love it on my body and my hair and especially love eat it and cook with it!

12th July, 2018

I love coconut scented products!! And for our hair? Yes please.. emm... yum!!

11th July, 2018

Bounty bars yummy. coconut oil is so good for so many things

6th July, 2018

Never tried coconut hair products which is surprising as I love everything coconuty. Pure fiji cconut skincare range is the best.

6th July, 2018

Coconut oil is a love hate thing and there are pros and cons to it and mixed information to people about it on weather it being good or bad.

2nd July, 2018

I don't eat much coconut but love the smell. Makes me think of tropical holidays. I would love to be chosen to try this.

1st July, 2018

Am a regular user of Coconut Hair Oil on my hair. There's always a bottle in my house. Putting my hand up for this trial.

1st July, 2018

I don't like eatting coconut at all. But I'm told it's amazing for hair and beauty all round. It does smell nice tho amazing.

1st July, 2018

Yes! My favourite scent. I love my self tan that leaves me coconut scented, and use coconut oil by itself as a treatment on my hair. I would LOVE to try a hair range with it incorporated!!

30th June, 2018

Love coconut scent. Goodluck everyone

30th June, 2018

Coconuts have so many great uses so I'm not surprised that there is a skincare with coconuts as its main ingredient. Sounds exciting for sure.

29th June, 2018

I like coconut oil for hair it's my go to but my fave shampoo and conditioner is Ethique so I'll sit this one out.

29th June, 2018

Bounty *droooooooool* anyone else eat the chocolate off then the delicious middle? Or am i in a party of one haha

29th June, 2018

My hair is in desperate need of some TLC and I would love to trial a hair care range that would help out and make it look and feel lovely!

29th June, 2018

I ate some coconut vanilla yoghurt yesterday with a friend and we raved on about our love of coconuts for ages, and I regalled her about the time I had coconut oil poured into my hair and massaged on my scalp while in Vanuatu, my hair felt soft and the frizz was gone long after the holiday was over. So I'd love to try these !