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Are You Looking to Simplify Your Skin Care Routine?

10 April, 2022 - 09:46am by - First Lady | 142 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

How many steps are there in your daily skin care routine?  Are you a quick 'cleanse and moisturise' type of person?  Or do you have too many steps and too little time?  Cleanse, tone, serum/s, eye care, sunscreen, moisturise and so on?

Well not only are the latest trial products brand new to market, they're also going to simplify your skin care routine, by combining cleanse, serum, moisturise and sunscreen into just two products!

Introducing the new Garnier Green Labs Pinea-C Brightening range!

The Garnier Green Labs Pinea-C Brightening Gel Cleanser is a gentle, yet effective, scrub-free gel wash that cleanses skin of impurities and smooths skin texture to reveal brighter, glowing skin. It's formulated with Vitamin C and Pineapple extract to wash away dullness leaving tired skin radiant!

The Garnier Green Labs Pinea-C Brightening Serum Cream is 3 products in 1.  Promising 24 hours of hydration with the efficacy of a serum and the protection of broad spectrum SPF15 sunscreen - in one lightweight formula. Again this product contains Vitamin C and Pineapple, turning uneven and dull skin into a radiant glow-fest.

We think they sound lovely - and how cute is that packaging?! On point Garnier, on point.

If you'd like to put your hand up for this trial team tell us how many steps there are in your skin care routine - is it too many?  Why do you want to join this Trial Team? 

Get chatting below!

Are You Looking to Simplify Your Skin Care Routine?

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28th April, 2022

Some days after work i just want to get home and have my skin care over with but currently somedays its not even worth it so i do have some cheat days... so this combo along with simplify sounds amazing

27th April, 2022

I have... too many steps in my skincare regime! I love using lots of different, lovely products, but sometimes I just need a regime that's quick and easy so things that would help me pair it down a little sometimes sound amazing! I also love the results I see from my other skincare products that have Vitamin C in them, so love that these have that too - would love to try them out!

26th April, 2022

I don’t look after my skin well enough. I cleanse and occasionally moisturise. my skin is so up and down at the moment, and I'm getting older need to be more disciplined

26th April, 2022

This looks amazing love serums and try to use them daily would love to try this one

25th April, 2022

I usually have 3-5 steps but would be super keen to simplify my routine as I quite often will skip a step or two as I don’t have time or just want to go to bed after a long day. Would love to join this trial team to simplify my routine and also my skin could use some brightening and hydration it’s looking a bit dull and dry at the moment

25th April, 2022

I have four-five steps. (I probably don't cleanse as much as I should and that's on my list to start doing every morning) But I have serum in the morning, then moisturizer, then a different serum and moisturizer in the evening. I'd definitely be into streamlining if it proved effective!

24th April, 2022

I don’t look after my skin well enough. I cleanse and occasionally moisturise. As I get older the need to take more care of my skin has become evident

21st April, 2022

I'd love to try this product, I only cleanse but would love to change my game up

20th April, 2022

Pineapple! Umm.. wow. That's definitely different, but I'm not at all surprised considering it's Garnier.

A more simple routine, yes please!

20th April, 2022

Yes I have a lot of steps in my skin care especially using actives, sometimes when I’m feeling lazy I just want something that does it all in one product.

20th April, 2022

I would love to try some 2 in 1 products especially as I work night shifts so spend most of the day sleeping and as I have acne prone skin I have quite a few steps in my skincare routine to keep my skin blemish free so anything which would save me time would be amazing. Plus I love Garnier products as I find they make amazing skincare products

20th April, 2022

I would like to try some 2-in-1 products, as a busy mum i find i cant use to many products as lets face it im normally doing my moisturizer and make up in car on way to work. So cutting down on some products would be handy!

19th April, 2022

Definitely a cleanse and moisturise kind of person - no time in the mornings for anything more! Having eczema means I have to be extra careful with the kinds of products I use on my skin so I tend to use as little as possible. This would be perfect for me to trial.

19th April, 2022

ohhh sounds very intriguing! Could be a perfect combo, would love to try it out.

19th April, 2022

Steps what steps? I’m a busy mum of five kids, so I need something quick, simple, and easy to use


Last month we sent out the Olay Collagen Peptide 24 Serum and Moisturiser to reveiwers - the results are in and it's safe to say we'll be sneaking these into our trolleys when we're next buying groceries!

We're giving two of them away - all you need to do is tell us which product you'd most like to easy is that?!