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Are You Looking to INCREASE Your Glow?

14 November, 2021 - 03:24pm by - First Lady | 50 Comments

Poll by BR Natalie

SPOILER!  I LOVE Sugar Baby products.  Mostly because they all seem to channel my ultimate skin care goal.  GLOW!

Today's trial product is no exception - glow is literally in the product name!

Yes we're putting the GLOW YOUR OWN WAY Micro-Needle Facial Roller to the test.

This nifty tool is the ultimate in at-home anti-aging skincare.  It's a surgical steel grade dermaroller designed to reduce fine lines, uneven skin tones, enlarged pores and other age-related imperfections.

There's a bit of science to it but in a nutshell it boosts the production of natural collagen.

Simply use this up to three times a week in addition to your usual skincare routine.  It's a clean, kind and Vegan product, reusable for three months at a time!

Fancy putting your hand up to review this product for us?

Click here to take our very quick survey telling us more about your skin type!


And then why not come back here and tell us about all things needles and skin care!

Are You Looking to INCREASE Your Glow?

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5th December, 2021

This sounds a little bit scary, but if the product I'm currently using does not work I might consider something like this.

20th November, 2021

I have wanted to try one of these for a long time after reading good results from others about how transformed their skin is afterwards.I have a few fine lines around my eyes but my most major concern would be if it smoothed out the ones on my forehead which are a bit deeper.

19th November, 2021

It would be great to try this product to help with some of my signs of aging. I love that this product will help my skin look brighter and glow, giving me confidence to do more things!

18th November, 2021

Honestly, never tried anything like this before. I'm not a fan of needles so I'm curious to see what this feels like and what effect it will have on my skin. I'm now 40 so really looking for something that is going to help keep my skin looking healthy and as young as possible. I love that it is reusable for 3 months!

17th November, 2021

This roller looks great! I have seen amazing results from people who use them, I would love to try this!!

17th November, 2021

I’ve always been curious about these rollers and as I’m now in my (ahem) 40’s I need all the glow I can get

17th November, 2021

This looks amazing I would love to try this and fingers crossed reap the benefits

17th November, 2021

Ohhh Id love to try this!!!!

17th November, 2021

I have heard of some great results with these and would so love to give this a go. I often look at my skin and think it looks a little dull. I would love to pep things up and try this. So great to have an easy at home option for micro needling! Please pick me!!!

17th November, 2021

I love using serums in my routine and know this is in my routine would be a game changer. Getting older, skin feels a little less plump, and brightness/skin tone a challenge to maintain.... Would really love to trial this!

17th November, 2021

OMG - I'd be super-keen to try this at home. You had me at collagen-boosting :)

17th November, 2021

Anything to boost collagen and stimulate my skin would be wonderful. My skin has definitely lost its glow during lockdown.

17th November, 2021

100% yes! I paid for a dermapen session through lovely bulky skin and it was intense!!!! Too much that I didn’t go back. Would love a gentler at home option to try and get the results I wanted!!!

17th November, 2021

OMG all of my answers in one device!! Sun spots, wrinkles, ageing, baggy under eyes, you name it, its all happening here!!

17th November, 2021

I’d love to try this,.my skin definitely needs a glow boost and doing it in the comfort of my own home is what suits me best..


Last month we sent out the Olay Collagen Peptide 24 Serum and Moisturiser to reveiwers - the results are in and it's safe to say we'll be sneaking these into our trolleys when we're next buying groceries!

We're giving two of them away - all you need to do is tell us which product you'd most like to easy is that?!