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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Are You Looking to Freshen Your Hair Without Washing It?

7 May, 2018 - 08:34pm by - First Lady | 216 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Gosh.  What did we do before the Dry Shampoo explosion?!  Can you remember being stuck in the daily hair-wash trap?  Or rocking greasy roots because you didn't have time to wash your hair the night before?

I'll level with ya.  Dry shampoos aren't going to replace your regular shampoo - they just don't contain enough solvents nor will your hair be suitably agitated to let go of grime and dirt.  What dry shampoos do is absorb excess oil from your hair and scalp, eliminating the greasy look.

Why do I need one?

Dry shampoos are darn handy to have around.  Here's some examples:

  • To freshen up your hair after a gym trip when you don't have time to wash and dry it.
  • To freshen up second-day-hair, so you don't have to either wear a hat, or pull it back in a boring ponytail
  • To freshen up new-mama-hair.  You know, the 'I haven't showered in days because I have a new human attached to me'.
  • Going camping?  No guarantee of running water, let alone warm water?  Meh, you can go glam-ping with dry shampoo and look fabulous in the middle of nowhere.

You get the point right?  It freshens your hair, leaving it oil free and ready to be styled!

We've got our fresh little mitts on the new got2b range from Schwarzkopf.   Fresh It Up Dry Shampoos are innovative hair reviving products that give your hair an instant refresh.  Each one has a gorgeous fragrance that'll last the day, AND, unlike some Dry Shampoos Fresh It Up promises to leave no white residue.  WINNING!

We're looking for reviewers for each variant, so have a read, and comment below with which got2b Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo you'd most like to try!

got2b Fresh It Up Dark Brown contains a dark brown tint to temporarily provide root touch-up with a delicious sweet chocolate scent that smells good enough to eat.  You'll want to apply this product in circular motions, this will ensure you get an even distribution of tint all over your hair.

got2b Fresh It Up Volume will add extra va-va-voom, along with a tropical fragrance that'll last all day.  Flip your head upside down and apply for maximum volume!

got2b Fresh It Up Extra Fresh is a deep clean in seconds!  The clean and crisp smelling Extra Fresh will absorb excess oil - try dividing your hair into four sections and spray each one to soak up every bit of grease!

So go on - comment below with what Fresh It Up has got2b yours - we might just send it you to review!

Are You Looking to Freshen Your Hair Without Washing It?

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Id love to try the extra fresh dry shampoo i have 2 young boys and dont always get time to wash my hair this would solve that problem

I have fine and naturally curly hair that is on the drier side, so I am willing to try the got2b Fresh It Up Volume thanks. Limp hair doesn't always look and feel fresh...:) x

I would love to trial Got2b fresh it up extra fresh. Having given birth a week ago to our second child as well as having a toddler in the house this dry shampoo will certainly save me time especially on days when life is extra busy and no time to wash my hair.

My pick has got2b Fresh It Up Volume. I love dry shampoo for the in between wash days. I have tried a few different ones but struggled to find one that smells great and doesn't leave white powder behind.

I’d love to try the tropical one, I love tropical scents and I need a good freshening up product, as I’m not a huge fan of batiste.

Extra fresh

With my busy work and home life i would like to try the got2b Fresh It Up Extra Fresh

I’d love to try a new brand! I use it every week day when I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning. It’s a lifesaver. I’d love to try dark brown please!

I would so love to try the volume variant. With two young children and lightened hair with roots that tend to oily, I find dry shampoo indispensable and have tried a few. They can be a great way to impart body without a blow wave too. Bonus!

Having dark brown hair I would love to try the got2be fresh dark brown. I love using dry shampoo for those times when you’re in a rush and your hair needs a quick pick me up but you don’t have time to wash and blow dry. As I have thick hair this takes a while! Would love to see if this helps with the white residue you get, especially on dark hair.

I’d love to give this a try inbetween washes or before a gym session

Yes, I would like to try this dry shampoo. With two kids it's always a rush to get out of the house on time in the morning! I often use dry shampoo to save time and would like to see how this one goes!

Gawd yes I use dry shampoo literally every second day as my hair is a DISASTER otherwise.... With really fine hair but lots of it, I just don't have TIME to wash every single day and blow dry, so the dry shampoo saves me! But I would LOVE to try a new brand, I reckon the extra fresh is totally what my poor locks need :)

I would love to try this as I haven’t had much luck with other supermarket brands I’ve used! I’ve given up on the idea that dry shampoo can help this mother out - happy to review and be proven wrong!

Man, dry shampoo is a flipping godsend! I use it regularly for volume and to freshen up when I didn't have time to wash the night before. I've used a handful of brands and different types but I haven't found my holy grail yet. I would love to give this one a go! I would love to trial got2b fresh it up volume or extra fresh as I need volume but I would also love to use one that cuts grease effectively without making my hair all stiff and starchy.


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