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Are You Looking for Anti-Ageing Products for Sensitive Skin?

11 July, 2020 - 11:51am by - First Lady | 154 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

If you have sensitive skin, dipping a toe into the anti-ageing category can be a bit intimidating.  The thought of putting ingredients powerful enough to turn back time on your sensitive skin is enough to make you flare up with worry!

We were really excited to learn that one of our favourite brands, Dr Lewinn's are releasing a new range of products specifically for those of us who need anti ageing formulas, for sensitive skin!

Recoverëderm is a clinically and consumer tested range designed to instantly calm, soothe and comfort sensitive and irritated skin, while also targeting the visible signs of ageing. It's formulated with potent yet delicate Australian Bio-Active Maritech® Reverse, a unique Marine Algae, rich in Fucoidan with clinically proven, soothing, protecting and anti-ageing benefits. Recoverëderm is free from sulphates, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances and parabens.


We're looking for 30 reviewers to put the Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Cellular Defence Rich Replenishing Day Cream to the test.  This luxuriously rich yet gentle moisturiser promises to intensely nourish and protect dry, sensitive and intolerant skin. Its clinically proven formulation is designed to instantly soothe and relieve the feeling of irritation and dryness to help comfort and normalise sensitive skin. This multi-faceted cream soothes and calms skin while its active ingredients help to reduce theappearance of lines and wrinkles and minimise the loss of firmness and elasticity.

We think it sounds pretty amazing!  If you'd like to be a part of this trial team, why not get chatting to us below about your skin, and anti-ageing journey so far.  Do you suffer with sensitive skin?  Has it held you back from trying anti-ageing products this far?

Get chatting below!

Are You Looking for Anti-Ageing Products for Sensitive Skin?

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11th July, 2020

I definitely tick the box for anti ageing :-( and I'm finding my skin is sporadically sensitive to certain products. I had a facial on Thursday and the products the beautician used unfortunately did not agree with my skin. I never really have issues with sensitivity when I was younger so I'm hoping it's some sort of hormonal phase. I've never tried a Dr Lewinn's product but they seem to be very popular from the reviews I've read.

11th July, 2020

Ooooooo yes please, I definitely need anti aging, I do have sensitive skin so would love to give this product a go.

11th July, 2020

Dr Lewinn's is one of my favourite product ranges. Effective products that target the issues... Mine unfortunately is sensitive aging skin. Brain and maturity of a 20 year old but the skin of a 48 year old. Would love to trial this product, really needing something to boost my self esteem and my skin care range. My hands are definitely up for this one!

11th July, 2020

Anything that is anti-aging i need!! My skin is sometimes sensitive and prone to reacting to most brands out there and it is also a marathon to find something that will work that doesnt cost the earth. I would love to try this nasty free product on my skin.


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