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Are You Looking for Anti-Ageing Products for Sensitive Skin?

11 July, 2020 - 11:51am by - First Lady | 154 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

If you have sensitive skin, dipping a toe into the anti-ageing category can be a bit intimidating.  The thought of putting ingredients powerful enough to turn back time on your sensitive skin is enough to make you flare up with worry!

We were really excited to learn that one of our favourite brands, Dr Lewinn's are releasing a new range of products specifically for those of us who need anti ageing formulas, for sensitive skin!

Recoverëderm is a clinically and consumer tested range designed to instantly calm, soothe and comfort sensitive and irritated skin, while also targeting the visible signs of ageing. It's formulated with potent yet delicate Australian Bio-Active Maritech® Reverse, a unique Marine Algae, rich in Fucoidan with clinically proven, soothing, protecting and anti-ageing benefits. Recoverëderm is free from sulphates, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances and parabens.


We're looking for 30 reviewers to put the Dr. LeWinn’s Recoverëderm Cellular Defence Rich Replenishing Day Cream to the test.  This luxuriously rich yet gentle moisturiser promises to intensely nourish and protect dry, sensitive and intolerant skin. Its clinically proven formulation is designed to instantly soothe and relieve the feeling of irritation and dryness to help comfort and normalise sensitive skin. This multi-faceted cream soothes and calms skin while its active ingredients help to reduce theappearance of lines and wrinkles and minimise the loss of firmness and elasticity.

We think it sounds pretty amazing!  If you'd like to be a part of this trial team, why not get chatting to us below about your skin, and anti-ageing journey so far.  Do you suffer with sensitive skin?  Has it held you back from trying anti-ageing products this far?

Get chatting below!

Are You Looking for Anti-Ageing Products for Sensitive Skin?

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25th August, 2020

I have very sensitive skin with Rosacea. I only started using anti-ageing skincare when I started to notice my skin sagging. Bit late at 48 but I've really noticed the difference so am now always on the lookout for the best Anti-Ageing products suitable for my sensitive skin and have never tried Dr.LeWinn's products so would love to be a part pf a trial.

10th August, 2020

has this trial gone out? ive only just seen the article and on the sides of BR the same packaging is screaming TRY ME hahaha it sounds lovely!

10th August, 2020

i think id want to try the cleanser first but im open for all of the above :P

7th August, 2020

Hi I would be interested in trying this please.

My skin has gone very down hill lately I’m not sure if it’s my current skin care, the weather or I’m just going through a bad patch.

My lines are becoming my apparent, my skin feel dry and I have some awful red bumps on my cheeks.

Maybe a sensitive cream is exactly what I need. Fingers crossed

2nd August, 2020

OMG yes! I've been looking for a day cream that helps relieve irritation from my flare ups and has anti-aging properties! This literally ticks all the boxes I'd be so keen to trial this!

30th July, 2020

I’ve been needing to get some ASAP looks nice

30th July, 2020

I’ve been needing to get some ASAP looks nice

16th July, 2020

Oh my lord! My skin is the crappiest at the moment. It needs some kind of new miracle!

16th July, 2020

I'm 50 next year and my skin definitely needs some anti ageing help! I have burn scarring on my face also and my skin is sensitive to a lot of products. It's hard to find a good anti ageing product kind to my skin and that actually works! I would love to trial this product :)

16th July, 2020

I have quite dry/sensitive skin which is especially bad at this time of year! I'm at the age where I should really be starting to use more anti-aging products in my daily skincare routine so would love to try this!

16th July, 2020

Sounds wonderful. can’t wait to read reviews

15th July, 2020

Passed the 55 mark & would like to spend the next 4 years gracefully heading to 60. So hard to find good more natural products for dry sensitive skin.. This cream sounds just the thing to help make the transition.

14th July, 2020

I’m about to turn 50 and I need this in my life! My skin is changing all the time and a product that would keep the lines at bay but also be calming sounds amazing

13th July, 2020

Please help my fine lines and wrinkles BR! My skin is changing so much with age and I am finding it hard to find a good skincare that caters to everything

13th July, 2020

Now I'm into my late 50's, my skin has changed so much over the last 10 years. I used to be able to use any products without any reactions, but now my skin is sensitive and if the cream doesn't agree with my skin then my cheeks begin to turn bright red.

I would love to try a new anti-ageing product which will calm my irritated skin which is free from fragrances and the unique Marine Algae sounds so soothing. Yes please.

13th July, 2020

Sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for woukd love to trial this


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