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Are You Looking for a New Serum?

9 June, 2022 - 08:37pm by - First Lady | 279 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

We have THREE products from the wonderful NZ brand essano looking for reviewers - so if you're looking to target a particular skin issue, or just want to add a bit of oomph to your skincare routine, keep on reading!

essano Needle Free Filler Concentrated Serum.

This lightweight serum will help you maintain a healthy looking glow while diminishing the visible signs of ageing.  Its innovative formula has been infused with heavy-hitting peptides to help improve the appearance of texture, firmness and tone while achieving revived, younger-looking skin. This multilayer serum promises to help smooth and nourish while leaving skin hydrated, suppled and rejuvenated.

essano Vitamin C Super Glow Facial Oil.

This Super Glow facial oil harnesses the power of 5% Vitamin C to nourish and boost skin radiance. It's a low-irritation, easily absorbed oil containing 8 natural oils and extracts including purified Tumeric and jojoba to even out skin tone, lighten the appearance of dark spots and leave skin glowing.

Visible Repair Elixir 

The Visible Repair Facial Elixir contains powerful, natural ingredients to reduce visible signs of ageing and leaves skin with a luminous glow. This non-greasy, oil based elixir is specifically fomulated to deliver the maximum benefit for mature skin and has been clinically proven to help: reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth within 4 weeks!

We think they sound amazing, but of course it's not us doing the reviewing...nor the choosing!  So if you'd like a spot on one of these trial teams, it's easy - simply comment below with which trial team you'd most like a spot on - and why!

Are You Looking for a New Serum?

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21st June, 2022

Yes please, I would love to try the filler as I’ve just started using different eyes creams. I have noticed the wrinkles around my eyes and lips are more prominent now at age 51.

20th June, 2022

As I was applying concealer under my eyes and on spots on my face, I noticed for the first time, how much my skin is aging. I had no idea I was developing fine lines already. Id love to give the Needle Free Filler a go. But to be honest my skin could benefit from any of the above.

20th June, 2022

I would love to try and review the essano Needle Free Filler Concentrated Serum. This really interests me as Id love an alternative to Botox. It would be great to be able to suggest an alternative to younger people before they decide to put themselves under the needle.

20th June, 2022

All these products sound irresistibly inviting...I'd trial any and all of them...I'd love to see those results reflected back at me from my mirror...happy to trial for sure!

19th June, 2022

I would love to try the needle free filler serum to see if it can assist with the forehead lines that bother me so much . After years of outdoors work ( and not enough sunscreen) my anti ageing routine needs to be kicked up a notch ! My skincare has always been basic so I would love to add a fantastic serum into the mix

18th June, 2022

Would love to try this, sounds amazing and just what my skin my skin needs

17th June, 2022

Wow they all sound amazing! I love to trial any of the serums but especially the needle free filler sounds amazing!

17th June, 2022

I would like to be on trial team for visible repair serum please as Inlike that this is non greasy and could be used during the day - would love to try this.

17th June, 2022

My skin could really use the Visible Repair, starting to get fine lines

16th June, 2022

I’m always keen to try new products l, especially if they help with hydration and repair the damage my skin has encountered over the years

16th June, 2022

I'd love to try out any of the available serums, especially the needle free filler. They all sound amazing, and I love trying new serums on my skin.

15th June, 2022

I'd like to try the essano Needle Free Filler Concentrated Serum because I'd like to NOT have to use needles to reduce wrinkles! X

15th June, 2022

As a mum of 5 Id love to be on essano Vitamin C Super Glow Facial to trial and see if this helps my face.

15th June, 2022

I've uses serums in the past but they haven't managed to become a part of my skin care routine so definitely still looking for something that my skin loves. The Vitaman C super glow sounds just right for what I'm currently looking for and would love to have a chance to trial it. Thank you.

15th June, 2022

I can’t wait to try all of these products but firstly the Needle free Filler! it sounds like such an amazing product! And so exciting of essano to produce such an interesting new product!


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