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Are You in the Market for a new Hair Dryer?

7 June, 2018 - 09:12pm by - First Lady | 402 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Are you guilty of taking your hair dryer for granted? Most of us are - we seldom clean them and we don't replace them until they stop working completely.  It's only when we're without one that we seem to pay them their dues.

If this sounds like you, you probably don't realise the leaps in technology that now make a hair dryer not only a tool of convenience, but also the key to beautiful hair.  YES!  If you choose your hair dryer wisely you can save time, money on products and the health of your hair - and still create the looks you want!

We're putting the Remington AIR3D Hair Dryer to the test.

Just look at it!!  It's beautiful!

So what makes it so special?  Well.  The AIR3D is Remington's next generation hair dryer designed for fast smooth styling.

The ultramodern design features a compact head with a hollow core which has been engineered to produce 3D airflow, a technology unique to Remington. The unique airflow path minimises air turbulence and produces uninterrupted airflow for ultimate styling power and a flawless finish.

Micro-conditioners and the ion generator eliminate frizz and deliver an ultra-smooth finish.

Other features include:

  • 6 Switch Combinations - 3 Heat, 2 Speed & Cool Shot
  • 1800W high torque motor
  • 3 Attachments: - 11mm Fast dry concentrator, 7mm Ultra slim concentrator and Diffuser.
  • 3 Metre salon cord
  • Storage pouch
  • 3 Year Warranty

Could this be the best hair dryer ever?!

We're looking for 3 members to put it to the test for us.  Yeap that's right, we're sending these babies out of the office and into the hands of...well...who will it be?

If you fancy reviewing the Remington AIR3D for us tell us why really could be you!


You can find the Remington AIR3D exclusively in Farmers, retailing at $299.99

Are You in the Market for a new Hair Dryer?

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8th July, 2018

Would love to try this, been looking for a new hair dryer and my current one has stopped working

1st July, 2018

Any news yet? I'm hoping I haven't missed out :-(

29th June, 2018

We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try this hair dryer! I have straight hair so I need to blow dry it to get some body into it but then it goes frizzy so I can't win. My teenage daughter has curly hair which takes ages to dry so she has to blow dry it, especially in the winter, but then it goes super frizzy which makes it hard to control and style it. I currently have a Remington which is great at drying our hair but not without frizzing it so it would be amazing to give this hair dryer a try!!!

29th June, 2018

Myself and my step daughter would love to trial this hair dryer. Our current cheapy from kmart takes forever to dry our long hair and I always come out looking like I have gone through a hedge backwards.

27th June, 2018

Would love to try this hair dryer. I have had my hair dryer for over 20 year, and as you, what cleaning? Ekk, I am sure there is technology out there not that the dryer can dry and do my hair for me in a few minutes lol. Keen to give this a go!

27th June, 2018

I would love love love to trial this! My current hairdryer came with a pretty hefty purchase price but I'm not in love. This one sounds amazing, especially the idea of a smooth dry!

26th June, 2018

I can't even remember the last time that I owned a hair dryer.. I have thought about it and wondered if I'm missing out on anything.. Well if could give this a spin I'd soon find out :D

25th June, 2018

Thick bushy hair that takes forever to dry with my current drier. Would love to see what this one does

25th June, 2018

This looks awesome and just what I need! I get my hair highlighted and cut only to tie it up all the time, if I had a blow dryer then I might wear it out more !!

24th June, 2018

I can never find a dryer that dries my hair properly and at a fast rate

23rd June, 2018

i'm looking for a fast, quiet dryer WITH a diffuser that has the power to push the air out the diffuser, so many get too hot or don't have the oomph.

22nd June, 2018

Would love to try this hair dryer out I usually let it air dry then straighten x

22nd June, 2018

I really struggle with my current hair drying regime. I'm a night time showerer, so I am normally going to bed with wet hair, not only is it uncomfortable but when I get up in the morning my hair looks like ibe been electrocuted. I have a wet to dry straightener that I thought would solve my issues, but it actually makes my hair look and feel really greasy. I need help.

22nd June, 2018

My hair dryer stopped working last week, and i have not had time to look into buying a new one, so would love to trial this produce

20th June, 2018

I desperately need this hair dryer as my one is about 10 or so years old and well,pretty much useless now.I would love to see how flawless looking this would make my hair look after using it and if it really does live up to all it claims.