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Braun July
Braun July

Are you in love with NZ Brands?

15 July, 2019 - 09:54pm by - First Lady | 124 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

I've spoken about our love of NZ Brands before.  The general consensus seems to be quite simple.  This gorgeous country is home to beautiful, wild landscapes, that produce some of the most powerful and effective ingredients around.

And what our NZ beauty brands do so well is harness these natural ingredients and formulate them into products that work.  And what our fabulous NZ beauty brands don't do is forget where these ingredients come from. 

We're launching three trial teams, each featuring two products from wonderful NZ brand, Alpine Silk.  

Organic Lanolin

The Organic Lanolin range contains lanolin from NZ Sheep.  Lanolin is readily absorbed into the skin making it look and feel younger and softer.  Lanolin will help improve the suppleness and elasticity associated with healthy youthful skin.  The reviewers of this trial team will be reviewing:

Everyday Moisture Crème Reviving Hand & Nail Crème

Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is naturally packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that help promote skin regeneration and improve appearance. It is effective in correcting dark spots, reducing scars and maintaining moisture. Rosehip oil absorbs quickly and is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin due to its light and non greasy consistency.  The reviewers of this trial team will be reviewing:

Recovery Face Mask Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Manuka Honey

The manuka plant (Leptospermum Scoparium) is a native New Zealand evergreen tree. In summer it has strongly scented pink and white flowers, which bees love. The Unique Manuka Factor® describes the anti-bacterial properties of the honey. The higher the UMF® rating, the higher the level of antibacterial benefits. When applied to skin, manuka honey locks that moisture in, retaining it for longer periods.

Everyday Moisture Crème    Reviving Hand & Nail Crème

So if you'd like a spot on one of these trial teams why not tell us about your experience with NZ brands?  Are you a total Kiwi-phile or maybe your love affair with NZ beauty is just starting out?  Or have you yet to take any NZ beauty product out on a date yet?

Most importantly - which Alpine Silk range would you most like to review for us? Organic Rosehip, Organic Lanolin or Manuka Honey?

Get chatting below!

Are you in love with NZ Brands?

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21st August, 2019

I love NZ brands, it's great to support local and NZ brands have some excellent products and really cool innovations (like the deer milk - can't wait to try that!). I'd love to try to Rosehip range, the mask sounds devine!! But really, they all look lovely, I'll keep an eye out for them in the shops

19th August, 2019

These look great

18th August, 2019

Organic rosehip oil sounds amazing. I've started to notice a few dark spots or as I call them large freckles starting to appear and I really want to change to natural nz products but.... So this trial might just be the push I need xx

17th August, 2019

Love NZ products and supporting local! The organic rosehip oil sounds amazing

16th August, 2019

Yes, love kiwi products. Would love to trial the hand and nail creme. My nails are so short at the moment they could do with some tlc.

16th August, 2019

I definitely prefer to support local where I can. Still waiting to find the perfect cosmetic brand that is kiwi made. I would love to trial the Manuka honey serum and hand cream. My skin needs some much needed moisture during the winter.

11th August, 2019

Organic Rosehip

7th August, 2019

Def support nz products whenever I can! These all sound good especially the Manuka Honey have heard good things about their range

6th August, 2019

The Manuka Honey one sounds great! I have an oily face but dry hands so would be really excited to try this!

4th August, 2019

Love to try NZ products over imported ones , l think we have to support our home brands xoxo

3rd August, 2019

I'd be all over the Alpine Silk Lanolin products as hands are getting a beating at work - Shearers have smooth hands, so I'm keen to see if I can too

1st August, 2019

Oh the Manuka Cream looks amazing!

30th July, 2019

I have always seen these products in certain shops but haven't tried them yet as I am hesitant to spend a lot on a product I haven't tried yet as I have sensitive skin. Would love the opportunity to try these!!

30th July, 2019

Oh the manuka honey one definitely as the antioxidants may help my skin appearance and prevent breakouts

30th July, 2019

Look and sound like absolutely beautiful products. They would be amazing.

29th July, 2019

I would love to try the organic rosehip to see if it compares to some other brands I have tried, in saying that I would like to try any of these products to see how they can help my skin and its problems


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