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Are You Hanging For Black Friday?

15 November, 2019 - 08:44pm by - First Lady | 16 Comments

There was a time when the shops didn't open on Boxing Day.  I remember it.  On Christmas Eve my mum would head to the local shop to stock up on milk and bread.  And then came the Boxing Day sales.  Suddenly it was the biggest shopping day of the year. 

But over the last few years Boxing Day has been losing it's grip on the best day for sales.  With the American pre-Christmas Black Friday becoming standard fare all over the globe, the best sales are now found before Christmas.   

If your email inbox is like mine, you'll already be receiving Black Friday mail.  Retailers telling you to be prepared for their deepest discounts, or most rewarding offers of the year.  All vying for your attention...and money.   I've also noticed this year, retailers trying to get ahead of the curve, by sneaking in with their own Black Fridays, a week or two before the 'official' sales day.  

I've been quizzing my friends and fam-bam today, and my circle has a healthy mix of differing Black Friday opinions.

  • Those hoping to grab a deal on a big purchase, like a new sofa.
  • Those looking to grab some Christmas present bargains
  • Those who are actively not spending now, to ensure they have a healthy bank balance to splurge
  • Those who just don't care about Black Friday.

Do you find yourself planning to shop in the Black Friday sales?  Have you been on a no spend or savings kick in preperation?  Do you brave the in-store experience, or stick to shopping online?  What convinces you what you're buying is actually a bargain and not a ploy to get rid of dead-stock?  Or, do you just flat out refuse to partake in the blatant consumerism of the day?

SO many questions - get chatting below!

Are You Hyped For Black Friday?

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1st December, 2019

I enjoyed browsing at online sales and I went to the mall and got a hair cut today but I'm really not buying much as I've got baby coming any day now & we budgeting. I hadn't had a cut in probably 6 or more months and really needed it. I don't treat myself often anymore

30th November, 2019

Some of the specials on offer aren’t great (10-20%) off but others are really good and definitely call my wallet to “come hither”.

26th November, 2019

I’m a Black Friday shopper for sure, but I only buy if I can get a good deal.

23rd November, 2019

I might come across something I like, but definitely won’t seek out anything in particular. There are always sales, Black Friday is the same, prices aren’t lower than in usual sales, this really just gives into consumerism and I’m not sure it’s good for us at all.

22nd November, 2019

I was so hoping beauty box was going to have a hair treat box.

21st November, 2019

I just don't get involved with it at all, usually find it's mostly hype and things aren't even that cheap, and I'm trying to buy less of things I don't need.

20th November, 2019

I hoping to nap up some good bargins in my price budget range. Fingers crossed. Will make christmas a bit easier hopefully

20th November, 2019

Ermmmm when is black Friday?

26th November, 2019

Na, not going to buy anything at all :)

19th November, 2019

Really hoping for good deals on tablets/ipads.... I have recently splurged on beauty products, and am looking forward to the BR Vault to get my next beauty fix hehe

19th November, 2019

Not this year,still getting over cyber monday and 11.11 singles day Lol although to be fair I only brought what I needed in those sales because I am still trying to de-clutter my house including my clothing and make up.

18th November, 2019

I will definitely be keeping an eye out I need a few Xmas pressies still for fam and friends.. I’m not one to start early. And need a few things for myself given the neglect while being preggo

18th November, 2019

I definitely keep an eye out for some bargains - but I've been buying up the Christmas gift sets already so I think I've probably splurged plenty already!

18th November, 2019

I've just got back from raro and need to put money back on the credit card so won't be participating in sales for the rest of the year.

17th November, 2019

Blatant consumerism! I'm not interested in shopping unless I really need something.

17th November, 2019

No I don't tend to get sucked into sales. I just buy what I need when I need it now.


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