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Are You Brave Enough To Try Baby Bangs?

2 January, 2022 - 02:56pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Tabatha

We all have that friend who has the horror story about cutting their fringe. It usually goes something along the lines of:

"So, I decided to cut my own fringe thinking it was a great idea rather than paying a stylist. I grabbed my nail scissors and began to trim it, but it was wonky and so I trimmed it some more, and then it was wonky on the other side, so I trimmed it again, and now I have a fringe that finishes halfway down my forehead instead of cutely grazing my eyebrows. Big mistake. Huge."

Next thing you know, they take to wearing hats until it grows out.

Every now and then the fringe horror story goes like this:

"I let my friend cut my hair, and instead of chopping below her finger line, she chopped above it, and now I'll be living my best bobby pin life for the next three months." 

The above is a true story. It happened to my friend's mum.

With lockdowns in progress and trips to the salon no longer a thing for a fair few of us, it's tempting to trim our own fringe. Some would say necessary. However, should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of hacking too much hair off, you can now say you're doing it to be in fashion, because Baby Bangs are back, baby!

So what's the difference between baby bangs and just a regular old too short fringe? Well, er, for one, it's something you intentionally ask for rather than get stuck with. All jokes aside, baby bangs are specifically designed to not hide but emphasise your forehead. The length can be super short or sit at the mid-way mark, and the cut of your Baby Bangs will depend on your hair type and the way you like to style your hair, which means the cut of the fringe can be blunt, or choppy, or even cut on an angle so it goes shorter to longer horizontally. 

So who might want to avoid baby bangs? Only those who really don't like the idea of them. If you're willing to put the time and effort into managing the bangs, you can rock them, but the key is to have a trained stylist create them, otherwise you could end up with a major fringe flop. 

Interested to try the look out but don't want to commit to the cut only to suffer regret? If your hair's long enough, you can pop it up in a pony, flip it over so the ends are lying on your forehead and have a play with length and style. It won't look as good as a hair stylist would do (especially if, like me, you've split ends for days thanks to lockdown), but it will give you an idea if you're ready to rock the baby bang.

So... Baby bangs? Would you? Could you? Have you already?

And if so, accidentally or on purpose? Chat below!

Are you bold enough to try baby bangs?

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15th January, 2022

I have inadvertently wound up with 'baby bangs' after I tried to cut my own fringe in a rush attempt and wound up cutting too much off. I looked like Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumberer character)

13th January, 2022

I have had a fringe for years, which I cut myself, but it doesn't suit me too short, a long fringe is more versatile. I can sweep it to the side or pin part of it back and have a wispy fringe and It covers any forehead wrinkles too!

11th January, 2022

I wish I was brave enough.. but side swept fringe is about all I can manage

10th January, 2022

no bangs for me no mo' - i do love them but my hairdresser suggested a long bang (lol) instead, which frames my face better. guess i have a small fat face thats not suited for a fringe hahahahaha

4th January, 2022

I don't have a fringe. Just long straight hair. I'm terrified to get it cut after a traumatic haircut a few years back.

4th January, 2022

I swear bricks at work . I can only imagine what bangs would be like lol A hot mess

3rd January, 2022

I'd love to be able to rock this look, but with my curly hair (which absolutely refuses to be tamed, straightened or suppressed in any way), I'd just end up looking like a sad poodle.

3rd January, 2022

I have a fringe which gives me more volume after having no fringe for years. My daughter wanted bangs so she got me to cut it for her at the length she asked then I got told off cause it wasn't long enough lol, thank goodness it grows.

3rd January, 2022

I can't deal with a fringe! Especially when it is hot and you get sweaty and it sticks to you lol yuck feeling

3rd January, 2022

Also as a kid I was silly and chopped way too much off myself. Looked like a had shaved in the end and I got called donkey fringe it definitely wasn't a good look I pretended my sister cut it while I was asleep out of embarrassment

3rd January, 2022

I got a fringe first time in years and years was told it looks cute and that I suit it but I'm over it now and it's going to take forever to grow out. I think it almost looks like I'm trying to grow out a mullet hair cut

3rd January, 2022

I googled it, no not for me.

3rd January, 2022

I am pretty sure no type of fringe suits me, no need to try again...

4th January, 2022

lol sorry, but that's hilarious!

4th January, 2022

sweat *

10th January, 2022


10th January, 2022

Same I have trauma from going to the salon I don’t trust them


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