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Are You Applying Your Skincare Correctly?

23 August, 2021 - 06:22am by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

by BR Amelia

Once upon a time a skincare regime was a simple two-step cleanse and moisturise affair. These days with all the different products on the market and each proclaiming to be necessary, it can be hard to decipher what you need, why you need it and what product goes on when in order to be effective. I'd go so far as to say that it feels like one needs a PhD in Chemistry in order to get their skincare regime sorted... 

While we can't tell you which skincare works for your specific skin type (and if you're struggling to find effective products we wholeheartedly recommend seeing a professional), we can clear up the enigma of what goes on when... 


The most important cleanse of the day has to be the night cleanse - doubly so if you're a makeup wearer. Start with an oil or a cleansing balm to break down any product on your face, then once you've wiped that off go in with a gentler cleanser for a second cleanse.

Does that mean you can skip the morning cleanse? Noooooo. A gentle cleanse first thing will remove any bacteria that's built up overnight, and it preps your skin for the rest of your skincare steps.


Personally I prefer to use a toner with acids to help clear the gunk from my pores and make my skin feel silky smooth, but if you're fond of something a bit more scrubby, post-cleanse is the time to use it. 

Face Mask (When required)

Skin looking dull? A bit blotchy? More dehydrated than usual? Post-cleansing is the time to apply a face mask of your choice.


Toners are no longer just a watery substance you use to remove any leftover residue after you've cleansed. These days they offer added benefits - whether that be an extra layer of hydration or the inclusion of acids to help refine your skin. For me they're a must, but for others they're totally optional, so if you're wanting to skip a step, this would be the one to leap frog over.

Serum and/or Essence

Post-toning (or cleansing if you choose to skip the toner step) is the time to apply an essence and/or a serum.

Much like toners, essences are watery concoctions that you can pat into your skin, and if you're wanting to use one then use it before applying a serum, or in place of a serum.

Not an essence person? Now's the time to apply your serum of choice.


Essenced and/or serumed up? Pop on your eyecream! And remember to use your ring finger to tap it in so as not to tug at the delicate skin.


A good moisturiser is a must. They hydrate, help prevent moisture loss and work to protect and improve your skin's barrier. During the day a lighter moisturiser is a good idea, but at night go for something thicker with skin-helping ingredients to give your skin an extra boost as it goes through its repair process while you sleep.


Want to further hydrate you skin, and lock in all those lovely ingredients from your previous skincare steps? An oil is the way to go. As with the other steps, which oil you choose (I love marula), will depend on your skin's needs.


The last step of your daytime skincare routine should always be, whatever the weather, whatever the time of year, sunscreen. This is especially important if your skincare regime includes retinoids. Thinking you can get away with not using sunscreen because your moisturiser has an SPF? Think again. Sunscreen is still a must because it creates a proper layer of SPF on the skin, so don't skimp on this for a) your health and b) your vanity (because SPFed skin looks better in the long run). 

So, beauties, are you applying your skincare in the correct order? Will you be changing things round? Or are you currently shining your skincare knowledge halo? 

Get chatting below!


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3rd January, 2022

That's a long list of steps, I'm only doing a few of them.

27th August, 2021

I use sunscreen way more than I used to.

27th August, 2021

I add my oil to my foundation, after skin care - which keeps my skin feeling great all day. At night I put it over a night moisturiser.

26th August, 2021

If I were to use an oil I use it under my moisturizer, though some nights I use it in place of one and apply my eyecream afterwards, because I use a thick emollient eyecream at night.

25th August, 2021

I have an oil but have been hesitant to use it as I wasn't sure when to apply, now I know!

25th August, 2021

Ive been also using my oil before my moisturiser lol

25th August, 2021

So i’ve been using my oil wrong as it always go before my moisturiser. Oops...

23rd August, 2021

My skincare routine is super simple. Cleanse, moisturise then if I need a boost I will use an oil/mask/serum. When I use lots of products my skin either breaks out or has a hissy fit.

23rd August, 2021

I definitely need to up my sunscreen game! Really I only apply it in summer or when I'm planning on being outside all day. So to get in better habits I think I'll need to find a light spray one that doesn't feel like lots of extra effort to apply.

25th August, 2021



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