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Are You A Natural Gal or a Bold Beauty?

19 July, 2021 - 06:35am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

I admire people who can wear bold makeup looks. I envy them, even. Rich, red lips turns my head. Fabulous flicks curling up from the eye get my attention every time. Me? Whenever I attempt either look I feel like I've been playing in my mother's makeup drawer. Whether I like it or not, I'm a natural girl. I wear a full face, but it's a full face where the makeup blends together to look like a more evened out, slightly emphasised version of me. If I could though? I'd smash on a bold face every time. Other members of BRHQ love a loud lip, live for an eye look that you can spot even in the darkest of clubs or pubs, and their contour is so sharp it could cut a person. They rock a bold look and I couldn't imagine them any other way.

So it got us wondering... where do our Beauty Review members fall? Are you a natural makeup lover? Or a bold beauty? What are the pros? And are there any cons? 

The Benefits of Bold

Sure, creating a perfect non-feathered non-bleeding lip line can be a pain in the rear, but no one forgets a person wearing a bold lipstick. We see one at school pickup or in the mall and we think 'fabulous'. 

A bold eyeshadow takes time and effort, but it draws the eye and makes a person stand out. (The amount of times I've told a person wearing a bold eyeshadow look that they look amazing could easily be counted on both hands - the artistry gets me every time!)

Then there's the ability to contour your face without looking like you've rolled about in the mud... that alone deserves a round of applause! 

A bold beauty is one who's not afraid to be looked at, who has a devil may care attitude. They're the tall poppy of the makeup world and we love that for them! 

The Niceties of Neutral

Simple makeup means you never get an 'um, there's something on your face' moment because it's really hard for people to notice anything that's not blended together, because you've not put on enough makeup on or the colours are so similar that it's hard to see what starts where.

Being basic means you can go makeup-less and people don't notice (or the biggest comment you'll get is that you look a little tired or unwell - true story).

You appear super approachable. The girl next door. The every person's person. (Which has it's downsides when all you want to do is retreat into your shell and be left alone to ponder the eternal hotness that is Keanu Reeves).

You can get away with spending next to nothing on makeup. One foundation, concealer, mascara, one or two shades of blush, a brown-based eyeshadow palette, a tinted gloss and you're good to go.

So, my lovelies, tell me... Are you a Natural or a Bold makeup lover at heart? Which is your go to look? And why? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so get chatting below!

Are you a bold beauty or do you prefer to be nice and neutral?

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3rd August, 2021

I love a bold red lip. It’s the only lipstick I wear! I only wear make up when I go out so it’s always time to make a statement.

27th July, 2021

I tend to go bold because I am quite pale, and I can look washed-out if my makeup is too subtle. I especially like a bright, bold lipstick as it brings colour to my whole face.

24th July, 2021

Neutral now I'm getting older.

23rd July, 2021

I like a bold eye look but natural lipstick. Love smokey eyes and use different eyeshadow colours as I dont like to look washed out. Hate red lipstick though - red not a good colour for me anyway and I find dark lipstick makes my lips look Smaller

21st July, 2021

While I do wear neutral lips daily I love a bold colourful eye with glitter. Teals and hot pinks are some of my favourites.

21st July, 2021

I love colorful eyeshadow and glowing like an alien, and I don't care what anyone else thinks, it's my face and I love it! I embrace the glowy cheeto look! The more color the better!! I'm all about the color shifting highlighters too. Doesn't matter how old I am, as long as I feel beautiful! And that's all that should matter, is how you feel!

21st July, 2021

I'm definitely a bit of both. If I'm honest, I like to stand out, but I want it to look like it's all me! I like looking as if I naturally have long, lush lashes, defined, dramatic eyes, even-toned, polished skin, and beautifully tinted, moisture-drenched lips... Unfortunately it's pretty obvious that I need makeup to achieve all that :), but I try to make it all look as effortless and natural as I can. As I get older though, this gets more and more difficult!

20th July, 2021

60% bold 40% neutral. I love a dark or bright lip or an OTT eyeshadow look with lashes *hearteyes*

19th July, 2021

Natural. I'd love to be bold but my age, skin colouring, and face shape don't allow it.

19th July, 2021

I tend to stay away from bold colours and prefer a more toned down look with natural earthy tone colours for my eyes to make my blue eyes pop! and for my lips I tend to go for more natural looking pink/nude hues but I would so love to wear a bold red one day if I could just master that look perfectly.

19th July, 2021

The older I've got the more I've leaned to natural so I don't accentuate wrinkles, and the ageing side of things. That said, I'm partial to some red lippy for some pop at times.... but otherwise I tend to keep it simple, and make sure my skin care is on point so I can get away with 'less is more' confidently

19th July, 2021

I'm definitely neutral. I love a natural look.

19th July, 2021

A bit of both actually, it depends on my mood or the occasion. Nothing like a bold lippy to boost your mood.

21st July, 2021

Love this, you glow to the moon and back!


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