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Are You A Lover of Face Masks?

5 April, 2021 - 06:10am by - First Lady | 125 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Face masks are a wonderful way to treat your skin, in both senses of the word. Some people use a luxurious face mask to relax and give their skin a treat.  It's the staple of any pampering session right?

Other people use face masks to actively treat their skin problems, be it acne, dryness or those pesky signs of aging.  A face mask used to tackle specific concerns usually contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin and do their thang!

We have two brand new tissue masks awaiting reviewers at BRHQ - fabulous Ampoule Face Sheet Masks from Garnier!  These highly concentrated Ampoule Sheet Masks are formulated with ingredients that will visibly transform your skin in 5 minutes!

Garnier Vitamin C Anti Fatigue Ampoule Face Sheet Mask

This mask is perfect for counteracting dull and tired skin caused by stress, air pollution, sun damage and an unhealthy lifestyle, and will help brighten and restore your skin's healthy glow.

Garnier Hyaluronic Acid Firming Ampoule Face Sheet Mask

With first signs of ageing, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, causing dryness, dehydration, the appearance of fines lines and uneven complexion. Happy Days! This Firming Ampoule Sheet Mask revitalizes and firms up the skin, giving it a smooth appearance in just 5 mins, while working to combat signs of aging, dryness and dehydration!

We're looking for lots of reviewers for these nifty masks - so if you'd like to put your hand up for this trial opportunity, comment below and tell us:

1.  About your masking habits - are you a lover of sheet or tissue masks? Are they your go-to? Or do you usually mask with other product types?

2.  Which of these masks would you most like to review?

Get Chatting below!

Are You A Lover of Face Masks?

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17th April, 2021

Would love to try the hyaluronic! Sounds amazing

16th April, 2021

Garnier Hyaluronic Acid Firming Ampoule Face Sheet Mask for me!

11th April, 2021

I love love love face masks and have used a fair few now! I would really like to try the pineapple vitamin c mask for a skin brightener.

10th April, 2021

I love sheet masks but don’t do enough of them as I find it had to choose one. I would love to try the hyaluronic acid mask!

10th April, 2021

Love sheet masks and love hyaluronic acid so would love to try the hyaluronic acid mask !

10th April, 2021

I have been a long time user of Gariner face cleansing products so I would love to trial these face masks. The Gariner firming mask sounds like exactly what I need right now. What an amazing opportunity for people to trial these masks!

9th April, 2021

I’m guilty of buying way too many face masks and most of the ones I buy now are the sheet masks, they’re much less messy. The vitamin c mask sounds like just what I need right now.

9th April, 2021

Honestly I’ve been slack with masks

9th April, 2021

Oooh this sounds good. I like to use masks once or twice a week to give my skin that extra boost. My favourite type of mask is the tissue mask. I would be happy to trial either of these from Garnier.

8th April, 2021

I love masking especially when my skin is dry

8th April, 2021

I love to use sheet masks as they’re easier to clean up. I would go for the last option, the firming one.

8th April, 2021

I like sheet masks as not messy and your face feels great afterwards. I would love to try the firming mask. At nearly 60 my skin is starting to show signs of aging and isn’t as firm any more.

8th April, 2021

I absolutely love face masks, especially sheet masks! I love how they are like a little special treat, and good for your skin too! I'm always on the hunt for the next best sheet mask to try, and would love to try this new range out! I would love to try either, but especially the Vitamin C Anti Fatigue Ampoule Face Sheet Mask - the pineapple extract in it just sounds so delicious!

8th April, 2021

these look amazing i bet they smell nice

8th April, 2021

I have used sheet masks a few times and I prefer them to masks such as clay and peel offs as it's less messy and easier to tidy up your face afterwards.

8th April, 2021

I love the ease of the tissue masks as you just pop it on and leave, no mess. Easy cleanup. Have used clay like masks and get in a mess , dirty hands, cloths and handbasin.