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5 Quizzes Every Beauty Lover Needs to Take!

25 February, 2018 - 08:40pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Kellie

Kellie Confession:  I'm a sucker for a good quiz.

I can't help it. They amuse the heck out of me. I love the ones that force you to choose which of six pictures are your favourite and then based on your answers give you a stock-standard answer, which may or may not ring true. I adore the ones that ask a bazillion questions, then give you insight into who you are, what makes you tick and how you might do better in life (yeah, yeah quiz people - you and I both know I need to learn to slow down and deal with details, but let's be honest, at my age and stage I just don't seeing myself changing, soz about it.) 

Recently Hello Giggles came out with a 'This is your go-to eyeshadow palette, according to your Myers-Briggs personality' article. So may pretty palettes - some not remotely me, others very much yes. But which one matched my Myers-Briggs personality? I went in search of the quiz they'd linked to - decided the US$50-ish they were asking me to pay was ridiculous and would be better spent on makeup, and found a knock-off online. You're welcome.

Aparently I'm an ENFP - which on reading the descripton felt rather true, sometimes uncomfortably so - and according to the Hello Giggles article this meant that I am all for the 'I Think I Love You' palette by Colourpop. Were they right? Heck yes. I am here for it. Bang on. Go you good quiz.

Suffice to say, the crew and I may have fallen down a quiz hole - on our own time of course *cough*, and of course, we're sharing a few of our faves with you!

Which Beauty Guru Should You Follow? How do you do your makeup? What's your exercise routine like? Would you skip racing to the store for donuts if it were closing and you hadn't put on your makeup yet? I have no idea how these questions help choose the beauty guuru I should follow, but they did. And I got Sona Gasparian - and she's on my list of guru's to watch! It's like magic!

What Beauty Guru Are You? Whisk away a few moments of your day choosing between your favourite donut (what is up with all the donut questions???), lipstick and Kardashian to find your spirit animal beauty guru! I got iluvsarahii. I have no idea who she is, but apparently it means I know a solid foundation brings success. Which I do! How bang on are these things? 

Which Brand of Makeup Should You Use? How do you like to spend a day off? What would you dress up as for Halloween? Which picture are you most drawn to? Answer those questions and you'll have yourself the answer to which brand of makeup was made for you! 

What Beauty Decade Matches Your Personality? This quiz asks some pretty random questions, and call me old but I'd never consider Netflix and Chill as a first date option if I were wanting to keep things casual... and why did they not offer up hambugers and chips as a healthy food option?? (Chips are made from potatoes and all good burgers have gherkin in them, which makes them healthy). Either way this quiz hit my beauty personality on the head... will it yours?

There you have it... some fantastic ways procrastinate the day or night away!

Now for the important stuff... do you have any favourite beauty quizzes you want to share with us? We'd love to take them!!! For research purposes of course... *cough*

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Beauty procrastination. Sign me up.

I can relate! Popsugar beauty quizzes are always too tempting for me to ignore!

hehe I love quizzes!

Ooh I like these, will be a good read tonight before bed

I love doing quizzes, and I frequently do Buzzfeed's ones because they are a lot of fun. I just did all the linked quizzes, and I got: MAC Eyeshadow x 15 Cool Neutral palette (for INFJ) - which is perfect as I am cool toned; Zoella for my guru to follow; I am most like Jaclyn Hill; I should use Urban Decay; my beauty decade is the 1970s!

I Love quizzes but very rarely take a lot of notice of them I must add

I don't do beauty quizzes but must say I wil be trying all the ones you have linked. Will definitely fill in some time at work. Yay!

OMG I LOVE QUIZZES! Only had time before work to check out the Myers Briggs one - but it's bang on :D

Quizzes are fun to do! Donuts are also great :-)

Oh that was a fun waste of time. Interestingly the palette I got in the first quizz is actually one I was going to buy once I used up some of my other eyeshadows, not that I need another confirmation that I should buy it.

OMG! they totally nailed my personality type (ENFJ) and I LOVE the pallet - purples, and affordable at under $10 at Walmart!

Oooh I love this kind of stuff. I'll do some research tonight!

interesting! I'm INFP and got the most gorgeous Kylie Jenner palette in colours I'd totally wear!

I haven't actually come across any beauty quizzes. I should give these ones a try :)

That was cool .I got Urban Decay , I wouldn’t normally gravitate to that Brand either. Interesting.Im in the 2000 s for make up era too.


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