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Are the new L'Oréal Clay Cleansers Worth Buying?

24 October, 2017 - 09:58pm by - First Lady | 16 Comments

When L'Oréal released their clay face masks a few months ago we were eagerly awaiting the reviews - and gosh were they good!  So when we heard they were releasing matching clay cleansers we couldn't wait to get our eager mitts on them.  Would the next L'Oréal Clay release be as good as the first?  Well this time we didn't have to wait for the reviews - because we were asked to give a Beauty Crew opinion on them. Natalie and Zoe have been using their clay cleansers and the coordinating face masks for a month now.  What did they think?

Natalie - First Lady.

You know, I've never really dabbled in skin care by L'Oréal before.  Cosmetics, yes, but for some reason the skin care was never really on my radar.  Then Queenie told me I was going to be reviewing 'the green ones' of the new clay range and all of a sudden L'Oréal skin care wasn't just on my radar, it was on my face.  Which, seeing as you need to know, is oily on the t-zone, incredibly so on my chin, and dry on my cheeks and fivehead.

The green ones consist of the Pure Clay Foaming Cleanser and the Pure Clay Mask.  Each product contains 3 clays; Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul, and Eucalyptus.  My research told me the 3 clays are reknowned for absorbing impurities and excess sebum / oil.  Eucalyptus is also a really purifying ingredient.  

That's a lorra oil-soaking-upper ingredients.  Would it be the answer to my slick t-zone?  Or would it strip my skin dry?   Well...

image via Pinterest.

The cleanser is super thick and smells a little bit, erm, odd.  I dunno, its not unpleasant, its not pleasant, its just, yeah, odd.  But the smell disappears quickly so I won't moan too much.  I used it on my whole face for a week - my t-zone was balanced beautifully, excess oil was gone; but my cheeks became rather dry, so I scaled back, I used it on my t-zone only and every 4 days on my whole face.  Balance was restored to my whole mug.  As in - my skin felt well, normal.  All over.  Not dry here and oily there.   All over smooth, soft and cleansed. Oh me likey.

Once I'd figured out the cleanser I introduced the mask.  It's bloody brilliant.  Its cooling, its not tight, it washes away easily.  My skin felt incredible after just one masking.  Smooth, glowy, youthful even.  I felt super clean and in no way stripped.  It didn't dry out my skin at all.  I've continued to use it weekly and will definitely pick up another when I run out!

All up - this is a really effective purifying range - it will remove oil, it will leave your pores clean, it will leave your skin feeling fresh.  With all of those oil-mopping-upper ingredients at an affordable price, this has to be a must-have for teens!

Zoe - Beauty Know-It-All

Hi, my name's Zoe and I LOVE make-up.  I wear a full face six out of the seven.  This means I need a great cleansing routine else my pores will clog and my skin will throw a hissy fit and break out.  So when Queenie asked if I wanted to try a Charcoal cleansing routine I was keen, especially when I found out it costs a third of my usual cleanser and mask!  

The L'Oréal Pure Clay Detoxify range contains three super clays, with proven benefits - absorbing sebum, drawing out impurities and clarifying the complexion.  Add the detoxifying powerhouse that is charcoal and you're on to a real winner! 

I only cleanse in the evening when taking off my make-up and I like to just cleanse once because well, I just can't be bothered double-cleansing!  The cleanser is lovely - its a gel cleanser which means a little goes a long way, and it will not dry out your skin.  It easily removed my make-up (alongside my microfibre cloth of course!) and left my skin feeling smooth and facial-fresh.  

image via Pinterest.

I've been using the mask twice a week for five weeks now and let me tell you - I've already purchased my back up.  You can be quite sparing with your application, but only leave it on for the specified amount of time.  Any longer and you'll have to scrub more to remove it, and the last thing your skin needs is a harsh scrub!  

I'm really pleasantly surprised by the L'Oréal range, it's affordable and is packaged well, but most importantly the products are really effective.  They do exactly what this make-up lover needs them to do - remove my make-up, cleanse my skin and detoxify it.  Thumbs up L'Oréal!!!

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"dissipates" not "dissapates"

I have the detoxifying gel and I love it. A little does go a long way I learnt that the hard way :) Since using the gel my skin feels amazing and it feels so soft afterwards. I am extremely impressed. I also love the packaging, I'll getting more in the range this week, Love!

These sound really good .I don't need an oil reduction as my skin is really dry so the cleanser would probably not work for me but the mask sounds really good.I love using masks as my skin really benefits from the extra treatment. Prices are always good on L'Oreal products too.

A couple of non-desirable ingredients in there but still, could be worth a look for a once or twice a week cleanser. Might have to try :).

Great reviews ladies, I'm especially liking the sound of the mask!

Great article. I have very little oil on my skin so I had to be a little more careful using it. But I too was impressed by what a powerhouse it was.

Sounds amazing. I might have to check them out.

I love them and can't rave enough haha

Your mask photos on the wall are so cute <3

25th October, 2017 at 8:52 pm

My teenager is constantly using it without asking! Haha

26th October, 2017 at 1:26 pm

These sound great! I have excess oils around my nose and T zone so might give this range a go

I already knew the properties of clay and skin. I am all for it but the brand is not animal friendly sadly. It is always good when people have found something that works and it looks like you all did. The fact there is 3 clays in one of the products seems good but I wonder if it is better to stick to one type of clay for a specific area at a time. Eg one clay type for the T zone and another for another part of the face.

Sounds great!!

I really liked these products (I've tried to foam cleanser and mask) however they stripped my skin and my skin is still feeling a bit oily :( so defs not something I would use in the long run! the packaging is really nice though!

Wow, these products sound very good. Great reviews ladies. very helpful and informative.

I have heard raving reviews of this product from friends, and I really have noticed their skin looks amazing! I think I might have to give this a go!

The mask is amazing for anyone with oily/combo skin. I love it!


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