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Are Oysters The Next Big Thing In Skincare?

19 June, 2022 - 08:35am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Amelia

The health benefits of eating oysters are well known. Filled with vitamins and minerals, such as copper, potassium, zinc, B12, Vitamin D, iron, not to mention antioxidants, these delicious bivalves can be when eaten in moderation a great way to support the health of your brain, body and bones.

However, in the last few years, oysters have also started showing up in skincare products as a must-have ingredient. Consider me shell-shocked. So what's so great about oysters that we're now putting them on our face as well as in our body? 

The Shell

When ground up into a powder, the oyster shell, which contains trace elements and mineral salts, is used as an exfoliant, and known for helping make the skin softer and more supple, while increasing circulation and therefore helping the skin appear more radiant.

The Oyster

It's not just the shell that has cosmetic benefits, but the oyster itself.

Dalton Marine Cosmetics has used the oyster's mattifying properties to create a range of products for combination skin, with the range designed to reduce excess oil and the appearance of pores, while still keeping the skin hydrated.

Another company, Southold Bay, uses oyster nacre extract, which is rich in amino acids, in its face cream, with the creators stating that the nacre produces a protective film that works to repair damaged skin, while also rejuvenating and firming, enhancing elasticity, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and giving skin the luminous sheen of a pearl.

Are there any drawbacks?

If you have an oyster or shellfish allergy, I would back away from any products containing oyster. If you've not had a reaction I would still recommend patch testing before use. 

Other than that, for those of us who love them, eat them, or just want to enjoy their benefits, it looks like with the introduction of this mollusc into products, more than ever the skincare world is becoming our, er, oyster!

So, my lovelies, do you like the idea of incorporating oyster as an ingredient into your skincare regime? Or do you prefer your bivalves the old fashioned way - served up on ice, perhaps with a lemon wedge? Chat below!


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27th June, 2022

Not a fan of eating them but would be tempted to try out this new skincare range if it was easily accessible and within my price range.

27th June, 2022

Hmmmmm I love trying new skincare trends but I’m not sure about this one

20th June, 2022

The only way to enjoy an oyster is by eating it!!! Well, I guess I could use the shell in an exfoliant but theres no way I would waste a good oyster unless its my tummy "wasting" it! So delish!!!

20th June, 2022

I don't like earing oysters. However, the shell being used as an exfoliant seems like a great way to have no waste. Also sounds like it would be expensive skincare? I don't know anything about the price range, but if it was in my range or I was offered to try products I would give it a go.

20th June, 2022

Yes sounds great! I love oysters too but prefer mine cooked nom nom

20th June, 2022

Sounds interesting and I like how the shell is being used as an exfoliant, definitely a win for the environment.

20th June, 2022

Sounds like it would be a good product for the skin especially with all those trace elements and minerals I wonder what the cost would be ? Interesting article


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