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Are Long Nails Amazing... or Annoying?

19 April, 2021 - 07:05am by - Head Pixie | 4 Comments

by BR Kellie

There's a tree in the courtyard of my daughter's school that has been a cause of wonder for me over the past few years, and it's only recently that I've realised why.

Whatever dangles down from said tree looks like nails. Long, curling, terrifying talons. Terribly taken photo for reference:

This realisation has seen me become a touch obsessed with long nails. I watch people with long nails go about their day to day things. Picking up bank cards. Eating food without eating a nail. Applying makeup on YouTube. And I wonder...

How do they do it? How do they manage? How do those with long nails put on a necklace? Or open a can of drink? Or wear gloves?

You see, I love the look, but I can't deal with the drama. In fact whenever I've attempted to grow my nails I've gotten to the point where they're two to three milimeteres above my fingertips, and then I've had to trim them because they've made typing super irritating.

It's honestly a mystery and a miracle to me as to how people with long nails get through the day without being constantly irritated. And so, the question I have for you, my beauties, is... 

Are you a lover of long nails? Or do you like yours cropped close?

If you love long nails what are your long nail hacks to get through the day? 

Take our poll, and get chatting below!

Are long nails amazing or annoying?

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26th April, 2021

I love long nails, but don't think I would get along with them, my job is admin but I also pick and pack orders and I'm ALWAYS wrecking my nails which are short haha

21st April, 2021

Mine get to a certain point then start to break off. I keep them shortish but use the Revitanail oil its fab makes my nails so much stronger. I prefer them a bit longer when i wear nail varnish as i think they look better

19th April, 2021

I have glorious long and strong nails atm from being pregnant. I hate it when one chips though it really ruins the whole look. I saw an article a few weeks ago about a lady with the worlds longest nails.....she just cut them for the first time in 30 years!!!! Lol they were hideous long things!

19th April, 2021

I used to love having a bit length for my nails. In my new job, I need to maintain a typing speed upwards of 60WPM and I can't type as fast with long nails. I'm always trimming them back now.