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Are Bleached Eyebrows The Next Big Thing?

14 May, 2022 - 04:42pm by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Tabby Confession: I shirked work a few weeks back to watch The Met Gala red carpet. I adore the fashion, the drama, the hair, the makeup - everything. Admittedly, I justified the lack of work by saying watching The Met Gala was technically work because I might spot a beauty trend to write about.

Met Gala beauties, you saved my job. Thank you.

So, what caught my eye? The bold, beautiful and style-elevating bleached brows, as seen on Maisie Williams (who has rocked this look previously), Kendall Jenner, and a couple of other famous types whose names I don't know because my days of keeping up with the glitterati are long over. 

Since seeing these blonde browed babes, I've not been able to stop thinking about the bleached brow look. Questions run through my mind... Is it a good idea? A bad idea? What are the pros and cons? How does it enhance a look? Should you do it at home or is this something for a professional? 

First things first... Is it a good to bleach your brows? If you're looking to match your brows to your hair, if you're wanting to soften the natural shade of your brows, if you're wanting to create a look that turns head, then brow bleaching is a perfectly fine idea. The thing is, you don't have to go platinum. The length of time you keep the bleaching cream in will determine the lightness of your brows (although if you've super dark brows and you want to go super light, you may have to bleach your brows more than once).

What about regrowth? You know when you go blonde up top and experience regrowth and feel like a porcupine? That happens with bleaching your brows too. Leaving you two options: you can either colour your hair back to its original shade, or endure regular upkeep of bleaching, which can lead to dry, damaged brow hair. Which brings us to...

When is it a bad idea to bleach your brows? If your brow hair isn't healthy, or is regularly coloured, or if your skin's not in great condition, I'd avoid the bleach. The potential for hair breakage and skin irritation is REAL. Also, if you're change-averse, this would be a look you might want to skip if you don't want to look in the mirror and experience a jolt of surprise whenever you see your reflection.

Can you bleach brows at home? Absolutely! There are even kits specifically for this. However, if you're not confident in your bleaching prowess, it's definitely best to see a professional. If you do want to try this at home, read the label, do as the label says and, most importantly, patch test first.

All in all, I love a bleached brow. Would I do it? No. But that's because the upkeep is too high maintenance. Do I love it on others? Yes. Bring on more work-shirking red carpets so I can get my bleached brow appreciation on!

So, would you bleach your eyebrows? Have you done so before? And, if so, how did it look? What were your thoughts? Would you do it again? We'd love to know, so chat below!

Bleached eyebrows: white hot... or not?

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25th May, 2022

No way. I saw a picture of someone do this at some awards and I didn't even recognise them.

23rd May, 2022

No way would I do this I prefer my brows to be a bit darker and more natural looking.

21st May, 2022

I think if I was dying my hair pink or something fun I might bleach brows then put the pink on to match the hair on my head I've seen people do this but generally not something I do or consider doing. I do like to darken my brows. I think if your brows are really dark and your dying your hair on your head super light it could definitely soften the look.

20th May, 2022

It's definitely something I would try, but some people really suit it.

19th May, 2022

No way it looks weird.

18th May, 2022

Never, never, never in a million years!! No way I'd be able to rock that look.

17th May, 2022

I hate this look!

17th May, 2022

I don't it would suit me, so no.

17th May, 2022

Oh no l have a lot if grey hairs in my brows so it definitely would not be good for me, thanks

16th May, 2022

Oh no that wouldn't suit me

16th May, 2022

Didn't watch Met Gala but have seen the odd pic of the bleached brows. It's different.


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