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Are Blackheads The Bane of Your Life?

22 May, 2021 - 04:41pm by - Head Pixie | 30 Comments

by BR Kellie

Up until a few years ago my skin produced enough oil that I could've started my own refinery. That oil, combined with the daily grime of life and dead skin cells, caused what looked like dirty constellations of blackheads to appear on my T-zone, along with smatterings of whiteheads, that no amount of cleansing and exfoliation easily dealt to. What I would have given to have had a product on hand like Garnier's Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off Mask! Or to be a Beauty Review member chosen to trial it...

Formulated with natural origin charcoal and purifying salicylic acid, Garnier's Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off Mask works to remove impurities like dirt and sebum from your T-zone, helping keep your skin clear. 

Garnier claim that in just one use the mask will visibly unclog your pores and refine your skin texture. While continued use of once or twice a week over four weeks will result in visibly reduced pores, and pore that appear tighter and less visible. As a formerly-oily skinned gal, that sounds like a skin saver! One I would have loved to try... One that you can!

Think Garnier's Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off Mask is for you?

Take our survey, let us know your skin issues and you could well find yourself on the trial!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

And why not comment below and tell us your experience in the battle to beat blackheads?

Are blackheads the bane of your life?

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5th June, 2021

I would love to try this. I always seem to get blackheads regardless of skincare regime.

6th June, 2021

Me too! No matter what I use or don’t use

4th June, 2021

No blackheads for me lately. I have used this product before and it was good :-)

6th June, 2021

Now I have to try!

27th May, 2021

Would love to try this please, I’ve had mixed success with charcoal masks. A peel of version might be the solution

27th May, 2021

I used to get a lot of blackheads on my nose when I was in my twenties, now my problem is large pores.

26th May, 2021

I have a persistent blackheads near my nose, and it’s very hard to get rid of them because of the location in the crease between my nose and my cheek. I am hoping to try the Garnier's Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off Mask and see how it can help reduce the blackheads.

25th May, 2021

I don't get a lot of blackheads but do get some on my nose area. I do have large pores in my t zone so would love to try this to see if it can shrink these and make my skin smoother!

24th May, 2021

Literally my biggest insecurity. I'm constantly trying to find new products to beat this. My nearly teen daughter is the same

24th May, 2021

If this is a miracle product, I really need this! I can not get rid of the black heads on my nose and chin.

24th May, 2021

Omg. The black heads on my nose are ridiculous, I can't find anything that gets rid of them and they just look horrible. I absolutely need something to get rid of these buggers for ever.

24th May, 2021

Nose and chin main areas for me so frustrating! Have tried various products that just dont hit the mark. Would love to trial this. Love the fact its a peel off mask - the satisfaction of hopefully getting rid of them with this would be great. Theres some great products up for trial at the moment

24th May, 2021

Have always struggled with blackheads. Would love to try this peel of mask to see if I could reduce them once and for all.

24th May, 2021

Oh my would I love to get rid of black heads this looks like a good idea to try!

24th May, 2021

I get some but luckily not heaps that I know of. When I do get them they do not come out easily. My partner gets quite big ones and they pop out easily.

24th May, 2021

Gosh I'm 50 this year and have a heap of blackheads! I do wear makeup every day and tbh I don't exfoliate!! Oops definitely need some of these charcoal masks!

24th May, 2021

I haven't had an issue with blackheads for years, but they've made a comeback. Big Time. Help! I need a swift and effective product to evict them. Now!