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All Your Burning Questions About Candle Safety Answered!

8 February, 2021 - 07:48am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Amelia

There's nothing like a lit candle to add ambience to a room, to give the feeling of warmth, to make all things drab fab! As beautiful and welcoming as candles are, they do need to be approached with caution. If you're going to handle a candle, read these safety hints and tips first.

Rule Number One:

Follow the burning instructions that came with the candle. If they aren't on the box the candle came in then there may well be a sticker on the bottom of the candle. No instructions? There's no harm in getting in touch with the candle maker and asking them for the details.

 Rule Number Two

Never leave a candle unattended. Yes, it's common sense, but how easy is it to think 'I'll just pop to the bathroom and do this, that and the other thing', and then you get distracted. Next thing you know - disaster. (It goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway, that leaving a candle burning while you go to sleep is playing with fire. Just don't.)

Rule Number Three

In the best interest of keeping your home in one piece you should always burn a candle on a fire-resistant surface.

Rule Number Four

It's not just enough to burn your candle on a fire-resistant surface - it's also important you keep it away from flammable things - books, curtains, paper, clothing. You get the idea.

Rule Number Five

Since the beginning of time we human types have been obsessed by fire. This includes kids. So keep your lit candles out of the way of the kidlets. Side note: furry tails and flames don't mix. So keep your pets out of the way too.

Rule Number Six

Simple tip: before lighting your candle trim the wick to 5mm (this prevents the wick flaring).

 Rule Number Seven

If it ever seems like a good idea to pick up your lit candle and move it to another part of the room or house, rethink your good idea. Melted wax and movement are a recipe for ow. A better idea is to leave them where they are until the wax has hardened, then move them.

Rule Number Eight

Finally, when blowing out a candle use a snuffer, not your lips. Bits of wick can break away, take flight and land in dangerous places - including your skin. Snuffing out a candle with water is also a bad idea - cold water and hot glass are a hot mess of a bad combination.

There you have it. Candle safety in a nutshell. So, our beauties, are you guilty of any candle mispractice? Will you be more careful with your candles from now on? And, while we're here, what's your favourite candle? We're always keen to add to our collections!

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7th January, 2022

Most of my candles are the glasshouse brand which I am very impressed with. They come with a lid so I don't have to blow out the candle. I have a candle burning most evenings, so nice and homely

3rd January, 2022

I hadn't even thought about most of those.

10th February, 2021

I need to find a candle snuffer!

10th February, 2021

Really enjoying candles atm. I always take mine outside to blow them out as our fire alarm is very sensitive to smoke and goes off easily. Candle smoke inclusive.

9th February, 2021

I’m the type that loves a romantic soak with scented candles and rose pedals In the bath, but haven’t used candles anymore as It poses a hazard, with so much things to take note of

8th February, 2021

I've been loving the scented candles and got some for Christmas. Well worth while having these tips, easy to forget not leaving it unattended and ensuring that placement is in a safe place. Great work from Beauty Review!

8th February, 2021

I'm guilty of a few! But I never leave with a burning candle going.

8th February, 2021

I always have mine sitting in a saucer. I'm guilty of going out and leaving them burning.


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