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A Foundation for Ageing Skin! But does it WORK?!

18 May, 2017 - 11:02pm by - First Lady | 14 Comments

What happens when a world reknowned skin care brand collides with one of our favourite makeup brands?  Three Simply Ageless products, that's what.  We were asked to review the new foundations and primer from CoverGirl + Olay and share our thoughts on the range.  And well, who are we to turn that down?!

Merilyn - Queenie

So I tried the Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying in Natural Beige.

Love love love the packaging- a really study compact - you twist the top to get the lid off and flick open the bottom to get the sponge.  The foundation is kind of a solid foundation, so coupled with the compact it's spill-free!

I ditched the sponge immediately, it was just too small for me and instead applied it with a make up brush - the brush gave a nice even coverage but too heavy for my day look, so I use a beauty blender with this foundation for lighter coverage during the day.

I used this foundation with the matching SImply Ageless primer and I loved the primer - I've taken to using it by itself to even out my skin tone over the weekend.  

Honestly?  I wouldn't have put cover girl in my foundation consideration repertoire before, I thought it was a younger brand.  Would I consider buying a Cover Girl foundation now?  YES, but for evening looks or when I needed full coverage.  Over the last 18 months I've taken to wearing CC creams than a full foundation so it felt slightly too heavy for the every day me.  For the me that wants a bit of extra oomph?  Move over Katy Perry, there's a new CoverGirl in time.

Kellie - Head Pixie

 My first ever foundation was CoverGirl Clean Makeup in the shade Creamy Natural.  Now, years later, many brands and foundations tried, here I am again rediscovering CoverGirl – but this time it’s the Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation. Still in Creamy Natural.

The packaging is perfect for touch ups on the go - you pop the bottom to find a sponge then unscrew the top to get at the foundation. The foundation is unlike any foundation I’ve tried or seen! There’s a swirl of white Olay goodness running through it, and the product is packed into the jar like a cake, yet it’s liquid to the touch. It’s also nearly scentless.

To apply I dampened the sponge and then swiped and bounced the foundation on my skin. Now, I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the sponge, I had to work harder than usual to get an even coverage. I switched to a bigger blending sponge and oh my gosh, this is when the foundation really came into its own. It applied quickly, blended effortlessly and it evened out my skin tone beautifully. It wasn’t dewy, but it wasn’t overly matte – which I enjoyed as matte foundations tend to make me look like I’m ready for the morgue. Did it catch on my dry patches? No. Did it settle in lines and pores? No. Did it fade through the day? No. Oxidise? No. Could I build it up? Yes. Will I reach for it again? Yes. Am I impressed? Yes. Is CoverGirl foundation back on my radar? Yes. Yes. YES!

The CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless Anti-Aging Foundation Primer comes in a clear plastic pump bottle and pumps out white and thickish, like a moisturiser. It has no scent, which gets a bonus tick. Not only does it look like a moisturiser, but it applies like one too – and it feels very nourishing on the skin. It sinks it relatively quickly, and once it dries down you can feel its primer-ness, as it has a touch of that grippiness. The foundation applied beautifully on top of it every time.

All in all – a gorgeous combination from CoverGirl!


Natalie - First Lady

Was I insulted when told I'd be reviewing an anti-ageing foundation?  No.  I'll admit it.  I'm 32.  I'm starting to look a bit wrinkled.  And I do not likey!

As regulars will know - I don't really 'do' foundation, I generally slap on a primer and go about my day sans base.  My foundation nightmare consists of three things: heavy coverage, flakes and being obvious.  The CoverGirl + Olay Simple Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation promises to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve tone and deliver firming moisture.  Let's see about that!  

The pump delivers the perfect amount for my (moon) face and the foundation is smooth and just smells so fresh, it's lovely!  Over the last couple of weeks I've tried various ways to apply it, brush, blender and fingers.  I prefer the blender finish.  The finish is not as dewy as I'd hoped, I found it quite a matte - the primer definitely boosted the results for me in terms of luminosity.  

Coverage wise I did the tattoo test.  One even layer over black ink resulted in a muted but still recognisable tattoo.  I built this up until the tattoo was barely visible and incredibly it didn't feel heavy, the area felt like freshly moisturised skin, and it maintained that smooth feeling all day.  It also didn't transfer to my white sleeves.  Whaaaat?!

The price point for each product is about $30, I think it's pretty good value. I'm not sure I looked instantly younger, but I do think this might be the most moisturising foundation I've ever used.

All up?  Really nice primer and really great foundation, if they release one with a bit more glow I'll be all over it.  But if you're a fan of the matte finish and want a buildable medium-heavy coverage and as an added bonus a really moisturising foundation - this should be your next buy.


I'm the youngest crew member - at 25 it's safe to say I would not gravitate to an anti-ageing foundation or primer.  The stand out claim for me was that it would deliver moisture - I have incredibly dry skin so I do struggle finding a reasonably priced foundation that offers full coverage without flaking - leaving me having to shell out nearly $100 a time.

The application was so smooth, it applied like a dream.  I used my BeautyBlender and favourite stippling brush and found it easy to build up to the full coverage I like. I was a bit disappointed it doesn't have the SPF of the other foundation from the range,.

It lasts really well, like it doesn't look too well worn by the end of a 12 hour day, and it also doesn't slip or slide, unless you've worked up a sweat.  Perhaps most important to me - it doesn't dry or flake in the cooler weather we've been having, or in the dry air environment I work.

I really, really like the Covergirl + Olay Simply Ageless liquid foundation and I can see with how smooth the finish is that it would sit beautifully on more mature skin, but I kind of wish it wasn't billed as being an 'anti-ageing' foundation, simply because if the crew weren't asked to review it I would have never tried it.  And then I'd be missing out on the most hydrating foundation I've ever used!

Forget my high end, $90+ foundations - I'm going to be sticking with this for my daily base from now on, and recommending it to my dry-skinned clients, regardless of age.

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They sound fab. I usually associate Covergirl with young women so I wouldn't have noticed the foundation if it weren't for this article. I find with mature skin it's easier to stick with tinted foundation, but I add a light covering of Max Factor Skin Luminizer foundation to it to give it a nice glow and help it last through a long work day:)

Oh wow! I am sold on this now thank you BR. I had gone off Cover girl because it seemed to oxidize on me but at first application would look nice and pale. I always was curious about the Cover girl and Olay blends but I assumed that they would all be light coverage due to the Olay from these reviews though it sounds good. If I spot it cheap I will have to try!

Such great reviews -You have me wanting to rush out and buy today !! I would never have looked twice at this product but after reading the reviews it certainly is of interest as I have not only mature skin ( 32 is hardly a mature skin Natalie ) but also dry skin so this looks tile it may tick a few things on my bucket list.

Might have to add it too the shopping list to give it a go sounds good

Oh sounds like it might be worth me trying again It's been a few(lots) of years since I've tried this foundation:)

ladies!!! you take some gorgeous mug shots *heart eyes* this foundation sounds awsesome!! I've always been interested in covergirl but I've never taken the splurge out of fear of hating it... but you guys make them sound awesome!

I've never really gravitated to cover girl before. I definately will check these foundations out.

Great reviews ladies. I love covergirl!

Sounds like a good buy if you can find your shade.

Oh ladies, what a gorgeous bunch! This covergirl sounds awesome...I will be looing out for this one, me and my wrinkles that is :]

I don't need an anti-aging foundation. But I am loving the compact foundations since trialling the Max Factor one, so will check it out.

This sounds amazing! Would defs be interested in giving this a try!

Such great reviews! I'm really keen to try this foundation now. Its been years since I've bought Covergirl. I have dry skin that seems to get a lot worse over winter and the fact that it looks quite matte on the skin and being anti-aging sounds perfect!

They sound really good -I never condiered before

21st May, 2017 at 9:52 am

Great to read these reviews, finding the right foundation as I've aged is harder than I thought! As they said less is best for aging skin but still want to cover some imperfections this sounds like something I'd like to try and the price is pretty good


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