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3 Primer Tips You Really Need to Know!

19 July, 2020 - 05:03pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

First things first.  

It truly is a crime not to prime.  It doesn't matter if you use the most highly rated foundation, or the most expensive brush or the most hyped sponge; you won't get the results you're after if you don't start with a great base.  "What?" you may be thinking.  "I thought foundation was the base of my makeup?!".

And the answer to that is.  Oh my sweet child.  No.

When and why to use a primer.

You're going to want to use a primer between your moisturiser and your foundation. 

A great primer will give you a blank canvas to work with, it'll prevent foundation from sinking in to your pores (thus revealing them halfway through the day) and it will give you a result that isn't too matte or flakey-cakey.  

The three essential tips for priming.

  1. If you're using a sheer coverage foundation, you opt for a colour correcting primer, so you don't feel the need to apply more and more foundation.
  2. If you're using a moderate to full coverage foundation, use a clear or illuminating primer.
  3. If after priming your skin feels a little dry,  mix a little serum or moisturiser in with your foundation.

So tell us, Dear Reader - do you prime every time you use foundation?  What's your favourite primer?  Do you have any priming tips to share?  Or if you don't prime - why on Earth not?!

Get chatting below!


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3rd August, 2020

I have primers, but rarely ever do I get up in time to do that step, I need to do my face in about 5 minutes and primer is just not essential. To be honest I don’t think they help that much if I have a good moisturiser on that’s a good enough base for foundation. :)

30th July, 2020

Now days I do prime but sometimes in a hurry I don't. Some foundations actually seem to look better on with out primer maybe it's the type.

25th July, 2020

I find primer makes my foundation last much longer. Definitely worth using!

24th July, 2020

Yes I always wear a primer underneath even if I'm only using a cc cream. It's a water based primer so I find it really lightweight and soothing on my sensitive skin.

24th July, 2020

No... i don’t prime my skin... i only use sunscreen, bb cream and then mineral powder. But i do get dry flaky skin. I wonder which step i should use a primer... and which primer would blend in well with these? And if i add a serum should i mix it with my bb cream? Mixing with pressed powder would work... but not sure about adding it to loose mineral powder... Or is it necessary to use primer before bb cream?

9th August, 2020

I’d be goin for serum, moisturiser, primer, BB cream then mineral powder. I’d about using the mineral powder under the eye and use a setting powder there instead. If you have dry flakey skin, I’d recommend a hydrating primer like Lancôme Prep

23rd July, 2020

Sometimes - I’m using a natio primer at the moment but it’s not amazing.. some of my moisturisers do a better job.

22nd July, 2020

I have a matte primer I use.....sometimes

22nd July, 2020

I do prime, but sometimes find it makes my foundation go funny.

22nd July, 2020

Far out I have never used a primer and I wear foundation every day hahahaha. Oops better get looking on BR for reviews on primers....................

21st July, 2020

I’m bad when it comes to primer. I just use my moisturiser before I apply it . Good to know what each one is for.

21st July, 2020

I love a good primer and I prefer matte primers.

20th July, 2020

I like to prepare my face for makeup by moisturising, followed by a matte-finish sunscreen. I do not use a primer as this base works well for my foundation. I finish the look with translucent powder and setting spray to help my makeup last throughout the day :) I am interested in trying primers in the future, especially during summer and winter, when the weather can affect the longevity of my daily makeup application.

20th July, 2020

I’ve never used a primer, I use moisturiser as my base coat - is it truely that effective?

20th July, 2020

Love the Wet'n'Wild luminous primer it gives my skin a dewy glow with foundation or alone. This is great if you have dry skin that's aging as it makes such a difference to the finish. Have bought this numerous times and tried others but I keep going back to this one.

20th July, 2020

I don't use a primer, just moisturiser and BB cream, but would use one if wearing foundation.


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