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10 Reasons We Love Victoria Beckham

29 October, 2017 - 06:58pm by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

By BR Kellie

One of my favourite YouTube channels is pixiwoo. Sam and Nic come across as two intelligent, interesting, talented, successful, driven and fun women. So you can imagine the squee of delight that escaped my lips when I saw they'd uploaded a video of them chatting with another woman whose business savvy and style I admire... none other than the glorious Victoria Beckham. I clicked on the video thinking it would be a brief two minute interview where she'd talk exclusively about her latest collaboration with Estee Lauder. But no. It was a full twenty minute interview where her latest collection was touched on, but she revealed more of herself that I'd ever seen before - including her wonderful smile, which I think I've seen maybe a handful of times.

So in honour of this glorious twenty minute interview we present you with ten reasons we heart VB - as discovered or further impressed upon during her Pixiwoo interview.

1.  She thinks heavy contouring will be what we look back at in ten years time and go 'what were we thinking'. But she acknowledges that we have to try these things and experiment with our looks until we find out what works for us - so there's really no such thing as a bad look, it's just a place in time. 

2.  Victoria has her holy grails just like the rest of us. Favourite beauty products include the power foil mask. Sarah Chapman's moisturiser. And from her own line with Estee Lauder, the Morning Aura, and the mascara.

3.  Her collection isn't just a matter of whacking her name on the product, Victoria took a very hands on approach. Her first meeting with Estee Lauder she had a full table of makeup she'd collected over the years as she hoped one day she could create her own collection. She also went to the lab in Italy and got the chance to mix up lip glosses and lip stick.

4.  Also, she was excited to wear the lab coat. How cute is that?

5.  Before she was in the Spice Girls she worked as a perfume promotional girl  - so it was her job to spray people. Now if she walks through a department store she always lets the perfume girl spray her because she knows what a tough job it is. (We are so same - I had to ring people randomly for surveys during my time at Broadcasting School and people could be mean, so now if someone rings me with a survey I always agree to help them out.)

6.  She doesn't like to do the same ol'. When creating her cosmetic range she wanted to challenge herself and has reinvented colours, like grey, to make them more modern, more cool. Not to mention doing a more modern take on the nude lip.

7.  Victoria is great at Mum talk. When Nic talks about her daughter starting school Victoria empathised and, in fact, throughout the interview you felt like you were watching a trio of Mums chatting at a cafe rather than an interview designed to promote products. We could so be besties. 

8.  Her handbag contains her Estee Lauder lip liner, and phone chargers. The woman fears running out of charge as much as the rest of us. 

9.  All those Instagram posts of her and her kids aren't just for show. She's still crying over Brooklyn moving to New York. She brought Harper to work on the day of the interview so she could see what Mummy does. She even lets her kids choose what music to play when driving about - and that's loving mothering, if I did that I'd be listening to the My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks soundtrack for the rest of my life.

10.  Whether her customers are buying from her beauty or fashion ranges, she wants them to walk out feeling like the most beautiful version of themselves. We can get on board with that!

So, do tell - are you a VB fan girl? Have you tried her range with Estee Lauder? Do you want to? And if you want to watch the video in full you can check it out here.

(And if you want to fan girl some more take a look at the videos she did in collaboration with Estee Lauder here. SO CUTE!)



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4th November, 2017

I love Victoria but I haven’t tried her range yet

2nd November, 2017

I had a look at her stuff and it's really expensive got a fright at how expensive it is. I think I would love to swatch them before buying.

30th October, 2017

Never tried any of her stuff. She seems like a strong independent successful woman. She has been through alot. She seems classy.

30th October, 2017

I really don't like how her and her husband get bagfed all the time. They seem like a real together couple that invest time in their family and their careers.

30th October, 2017

I actually am not big on celebrities or follow what they do. The range does look classy.

29th October, 2017

Love it. Classy, down to earth and relatable!

29th October, 2017

I love how classy she is.

29th October, 2017

She's an absolute fashion icon, but she still seems like a down to earth lady in the video.

29th October, 2017

11. she was in the best band in the world!!! I swear to the old gods, when the spice girls performed at the Olympic ceremony I BAWLED my eyes out. I was so happy.


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