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Money Saving Beauty Tips You Should Have Started Years Ago!

16 September, 2020 - 12:47pm by - First Lady | 13 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

Hands up - who likes a bargain beauty buy? 

That's what we thought!  But it's not just a bargain buy that can save your beauty budget - here's 10 money saving beauty tips to help you get the most bang for your buck!

1.  Create a beauty budget.

Set yourself a beauty budget, be it weekly or monthly and stick to it!  Also create a little Beauty Bank - collect loose change, or reward yourself for achieving personal goals, be it weight loss or quitting smoking.  If you're brave enough to attempt a No Spend or Project Pan, save the money you would have spent on beauty products.

Having a Beauty Bank buffer means you can do things like buy in bulk, when a product you love comes on special; or buy out of season products and put them by for next year.

2.  Enlist in rewards programs.

Even if you think you don't shop somewhere often, don't turn down the offer of a rewards program! After 18 months of saying 'nah it's ok' at my local pharmacy, I finally said 'ok then' to join their rewards program.  I had my first $10 voucher in less than two months.  That's $90 I'd thrown down the drain!

And once you've signed up, be reward savvy!  Buy essentials during special 'bonus points' days for example.

Also check out 'return to store' programs.  For example, return any 6 MAC empties to store and you'll get a free lippie of your choosing!  Take 5 empty black pots back to Lush and get a free fresh face mask!

3.  Stretch out bad buys.

Did you buy a foundation that was too dark?  Mix it with moisturiser and create your own BB Cream / Tinted moisturiser.

Did you buy a foundation that was too light?  Mix it with bronzer if you have brown undertones or blush if you have pink undertones.

4.  Ditch the sponges.

Cosmetic sponges literally soak up product.  They also soak up more product than you will use, which means you are wasting products and will need to replace them more often.

Brushes are your best bet for an efficient and economical application.

5.  Use the right amount of each product.

From shampoo to eye cream, we bet you're using way too much of your beauty products.  Check out this guide to how much you should be using.  Your products will last much longer and need replacing less often!

6.  Stretch out liquid products.

If you use liquid bronzer, blush or illuminators, buy them in shades that are too dark for you and tone them down with moisturiser.

To get the last of your lipgloss, mascara or other liquid product out of the tube, place them in a cup of hot water.

Make the last of your perfume last longer by mixing it with unscented body lotion.

7.  Mix up your lippies.

We all have lipsticks we just don't wear - maybe that must have shade just doesn't suit you, or you changed your hair colour and it looks hideous.  Most people wouldn't want a second hand lipstick but rather than throw them out, why not experiment with creating custom shades?

Simply slice off a bit of one lippie, pop it in a microwaveable container, add 1 or 2 more slices of different colours, melt, stir and pour into something like an empty lipbalm pot.  Once it's cool and solidified you'll be able to apply it with a lip brush.

8.  Do the math.

Work out how much you save or in fact lose out on, by comparing the price per gram or ml.  You'll be surprised but sometimes it's more economic to buy small and other times, you only have to pay a small percentage more to get a heck of a lot more product.

9.  It's in the brush.

Most people agree, the key to your favourite mascara is the brush.  So keep that expensive mascara brush long after the mascara is done, and use with another, cheaper brand of mascara for a very similar result.

10.  Be in the know.

Check out YouTube tutorial descriptions and blog posts for exclusive discount codes.  Signing up to newsletters of your favourite stores often comes with a welcome discount - and being on the list is the first step to not missing out.

Although - remember the key rule to discounts and sales:

 Do not mistake FOMO (fear of missing out) for genuine desire.

So there you have it, 10 money saving beauty tips.  Do you have any to add?

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30th September, 2020

Trying hard not to spend but there are always things I want. I think I will try melting down some of my unloved lipsticks now. My tip is to do beauty reviews so you can treat yourself from the amazing vault goodies!!

27th September, 2020

I buy the cheapest hand wash (in the refill pack) to wash my sponges and brushes. I’ve tried expensive dedicated brush cleansers and this does exactly the same thing but at less than a quarter of the price.

27th September, 2020

I generally buy products as I need them, but am sometimes tempted by gift with purchase offers and the buy two get one free offers. So I end up with a drawer full of extras which I don't really need. But come Christmastime or Birthdays, I always have items on hand to gift.

26th September, 2020

A tip is multi use products like often a blusher works as a pretty eye shadow and often highlight and bronzers make nice eye shadow too

26th September, 2020

I love the mascara brush one that's something I do. Oh and customised colour shades of make up is so fun!

25th September, 2020

I’m a definite buy on sale person. My Mecca purchases have dropped since I’ve been able to nab stuff on sale at Sephora. And always watch out for sales at Farmers (when I need stuff of course).

21st September, 2020

Im still buying things for the sake of it, I need intervention, so no tips from me! :/

18th September, 2020

My tip is to buy beauty boxes. I always get at least one product I would buy anyway that is around the same price as the whole box so the other products are a bonus :)

26th September, 2020

That makes sense!

17th September, 2020

Definitely more cost effective compared to a few years back. Also with covid this year, had to cut down on spending so have used more of what i have. Usually only buy when i need to replace an item. Shopping my stash means I use everything I have instead of my fav products. Same with perfume. I have my expensive one I used to save for special occasions but now I wear it when I want. I have 4 atm and they will go off if not used so may as well use them!

16th September, 2020

I used to buy stuff for the sake of it and so much was going to waste so oneday I just stopped doing it! I just buy what I need now. So much better :-)

16th September, 2020

Man why haven’t I cottoned on to this yet lol . Especially the rewards programmes. I do buy bulk . My lush stash has lasted 3months happily . I’m panning skincare as well . I’m on a no buy at the moment . I powered through five foundations. I use cheaper brands during the week and high end for special occasions to stretch it out a bit.

16th September, 2020

I'm much better than I use to be. I really think about what I truly want and need. I'm all about loyalty programs

16th September, 2020

I definitely am a big fan of loyalty schemes like Life Pharmacy and Farmer's as I have earnt vouchers several times with those, and I regularly get free face masks from Lush with their pottle return scheme. My tip would be to cut open product tubes like hand cream, moisturiser, foundaiton etc as often there's still product in them that won't come out and they seem empty but when I cut them open there's often several more uses of product in there.


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