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1 Easy Tip to Get More From Your Face Mask!

4 October, 2020 - 01:03pm by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

We love a good face mask at Beauty Review.  The forum is always buzzing with talk about one mask or another, there really is a face mask for everying - from detoxifying to moisturising, from pore minimising to skin firming.  Whatever your complaint we bet you can find an intensive treatment for it!

Face masks are a wonderful way to treat your skin, in both senses of the word. Some people use a luxurious face mask to relax and give their skin a treat.  It's the staple of any pampering session right?  Other people use face masks to actively treat their skin problems, be it acne, dryness or those pesky signs of aging.  A face mask used to tackle specific concerns usually contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin and do their thang!

Whatever mask you are using, here is one tip to help you get MORE from it!!

Gently steam your face before using the mask.

We told you it was simple!

You can steam your face over a cup of hot water or by pressing a hot face cloth on your skin for 5 minutes.  Be careful when steaming - the idea is to soften the residue in your pores for easy removal; not scald your skin!  But steaming is not just for cleansing, no, no.  Steaming increases the blood flow to your skin (giving you that youthful glow) and, perhaps more beneficial - it actually and increases the permeation of applied ingredients - meaning your skin care regime will be absorbed more efficiently.

So there you have it - 1 quick tip that'll make your next face mask work even harder for you!  What do you think?


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9th October, 2020

Thanks for the tip, I was recently sent a complementary selection of masks from CarpeNoctum when I purchased their facial epilator set, so will try the steaming first.

9th October, 2020

I love to steam my face, I use the hot flannel most evenings. I havent tried it before a mask though. On my list now.

17th October, 2020

Love the feeling of a warm flannel on my face at the end of a day.

7th October, 2020

Sounds like a good idea ... Although I struggle to get the time and motivation

5th October, 2020

I never get time for a mask these days. I have one on my duchess to try when I do get time .. I'll try this trick ..

5th October, 2020

Will have to give this a go

4th October, 2020

Ooh...I like this tip. Hot face cloth before masks I'll be trying from now on! Thanks BR xx


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