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Beauty Review is New Zealand's independent online beauty community. The product specialists here are the people at home, your consumers, who are your target market. We provide  an independent space for them to review and comment on products and trends and talk and influence each other.

How does Beauty Review work?

Sampling is a well known method of getting consumers to try and talk about your products. But what if you could get them talking not just to their friends and family, but to the entire online community for all to see? That's what Beauty Review can provide.

Beauty Review is fast becoming NZ's largest dedicated beauty talking point, with a data base of over 3000 members aged from 16 - 65 Beauty Review is now being used as a pre shop research point.

  • 88.2% of Beauty Review members say they are influenced by the reviews on Beauty Review*
  • 83.9% of Beauty Review members say Beauty Review has exposed them to products they would not have considered before*
  • 92.2% of Beauty Review members say they have already, or will in the future, purchase a product because of a review they read on Beauty Review*
  • 99.1% of Beauty Review members say that the fact that reviews on Beauty Review are independent and are written by real consumers is important to them.*

Beauty Review members are either high users of beauty products who enjoy engaging with like minded people or interested but uninformed consumers wanting advice on what is the best product for them.

  • 46% of Beauty Review members have children*
  • 86%  are the household shopper*
  • 69%  buy their beauty products from FTC, Pharmacy or Supermarket*
  • 81%  use BR to research products before they shop*
  • 71%  have bought beauty products online*

*Source: Beauty Review member survey August 2013

Beauty Review has the independence that dedicated brands sites cannot have. Beauty Review can get your products talked about by your consumers in a number of different ways.

  • Driven independent reviews by your products target demographic
  • Beauty Talk - forum discussion
  • Educational “how to” with Beauty Review where our BR experts show members how to get professional looks at home
  • Member Video reviews
  • Product specific articles and polls
  • Sponsored features
  • Newsletter EDM mail outs/retailer offers

For more information or our ratecard, please contact us on .


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